Christ Rejected Power Religion

There are quite a number of recent books that try to get the public to believe Christ believed in power religion and hidden knowledge. This is such a distorted view that in spite of all the propoganda out there, it should be easy for the sincere person to be shown in the scriptures that it is false.

Although Christ was intimate with 12 men, and then had his 70, and then the masses, his teachings were in contradiction to this gnostic idea of a hidden knowledge . This will be dealt with indepth later, suffice it to say, that Christ did not advocate using hidden knowledge for power, and he showed no desire to create any power base of goodness. This is why so many Rabbis have a hard time interpreting Christ correctly. They think he failed as a candidate for David's throne. They think in terms of power.

Secular and religious authorities have been set up who claim to have special knowledge. The men who have controlled the advancement and placement of others are a particular group of men, who are related in some fashion to each other.

The particular heads of these groups claiming special knowledge are then controlled by an elite group. For instance, the leaders of the Communist country of Russia have been selected by them. The leaders of the Mormon Latter-Day-Saints, and New Age groups receive instructions from them. The careers of thousands of our leaders like Henry Kissinger and Richard Nixen have been created and directed by them.

Various channels of control are in use. One council controls religion. Manly P. Hall sat on this council of 13 and was able to use UNESCO to channel communications from Britian.! British military intelligence is also used. When one sees the connections between the Masons and the FBI and CIA, and then the connections all of these have to the Mormons for instance, then one is able to see how a complex set of secret networks can transmit secretly through a host of routes. Another blatant example, are the connections between the directors of the intelligence cults of the CIA and the FBI and the One-World-Power and the Masons. For a particular route to be revealed, means only that another needs to be implemented. The intelligence cults of the FBI and CIA will be examined in detail later.

Examples of how the conspiracy directly provides power to their network of offspring will be the next feature of this chapter. We will examine how the same people who funded the Communists funded the Mormons. We will see how the channel of communication and orders for the power, UNESCO was created by them. We will examine how the prominant families that make up the Order, the power here in the U.S., happened to be the families that were prominent in the creation and control of the Jehovah's Witnesses. We will see how a well spring of Unitarian heresy was directly run by the Order. We will examine specific ways the Masons have promoted the New Age movement, and how the New Age Movement has been systematically planned, and is not an accident of history. All these are examples of what has been happening on a world-wide but secret level for several hundred years.

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End of Days Apocalypse

End of Days Apocalypse

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