"What do you think of Jimmy Swaggart and the Bakers?", the New Ager ask me, with a look that seemed to say, there your Christianity is disproven.

"If they did what is said about them, they're wrong. As to what that has to do with my trust in God, it simply adds fuel to the fire, that it shows all the more reason to put my trust in God and not men." (It is because of the truth that all men have sinned, and have a sin nature that I trust the Almighty.)

As to scandals in the church, I've seen enough of them.

What is not known to the public, is that a. many of these scandals are created by those groups actively working to destroy Christianity, and b. the playing field is not level—scandals concerning Rabbis, people in power, etc. are not publicized unless it serves some purpose for the New Order.

To give a few examples of how "unbiased" our news is consider the following.

This author made an attempt to place an add in a newspaper to advertise a book which documents the Jehovah's Witnesses' false prophesies. I upfront told the newspaper I would provide them with a letter from a lawyer saying that they would not be sued, and showing them other evidence that the material was legitimate. They would not allow the add to be placed under any circumstances. But when the Jimmy Swaggart story comes they printed it.

A national "rag"—the kind that people read the headlines of at supermarket check stands was approached to run an add advertising Sutton's book on Bush's membership in the Skull and Bones Order. They would not allow the add in their "rag" magazine. But they sure enjoyed the Swaggart and the Baker stories.

Yes, scandals of all kinds are being reported on 60 minutes and the other papers, but people are either unaware or don't take the time to analyze them. The various groups of the New World Order use blackmail and scandal as weapons. Confidential sources say that, some of the leadership even use the book The Godfather as an inspirational how-to book. For some reason, Machiavelli's The Prince was required reading for those of us at West Point, U.S.M.A. They knew that some of us would be recruited into the power structure. The Masons have been in control of West Point too, by the way. The New Age movement has made inroads into West Point's training, curriculum, and options.

One is reminded of what one of the leaders of the Haute Vente, a secret European fraternal group in alliance with the Masons, said to other members, "It is corruption en masse that we have undertaken; the corruption of the people by the clergy and the corruption of the clergy by ourselves, the corruption that ought one day to put the Church in her tomb. The best dagger with which to strike the Church is corruption. To the work, then, even to the very end."1

The Jesuits who are run by Masons provide part of the recruits who infiltrate Protestant churches to destroy them. They have been doing this since 1550, so they are quite skilled at it. One man, who infiltrated hundreds of churches and Christian organizations and destroyed many by creating discord or scandals, left, converted to Christ, and has been warning Christians who will listen to the danger their churches are in. He destroyed at least 20 churches and a seminary.

This man, whose documentation is legitimate, describes that there are 3 basic ways to destroy the minister of a church that is not making progress toward joining the One-World-Church. These three ways are

1."Destroy his reputation by lying about him...twisting something he said, making him look like an enemy of the get him in trouble with the officials, or frame him with a woman. She could be planted as his secretary to have an affair with him. Once we had a pastor called to a home late at night. On the way, we had a woman in distress on the side of the road...He stopped to help. She screamed "rape," tore her dress, and her partner photographed them, destroying the Pastor.

"Government agencies or police investigate him because he was accused of anything from pushing drugs to income tax evasion. When he proves his innocence, it's too late. The news media has already made him look guilty.

"His credit can be messed up, like through credit cards. Everybody is told but him, putting him in a mess. Later they apologize for the mix-up...When it's too late. All this is to make him look bad. Secret phone calls accusing his wife or children of obscene acts...These are only a few things to make him look bad. By now he is considered unreliable and branded as a liar and a thief!"

2. Isolation. A letter-writing and whispering campaign get started saying he is too controversial...He is a trouble-maker, those opposing his stand call him an enemy causing division. He's against unity... He's not showing God's love! He has his own strange doctrines or beliefs. He is left alone with pastor friends.

"A new lie is spread saying, "He had a nervous break-down. So everything he says is unreliable." Most of them give in and is much easier than facing the heat. Isolation is used to force them out of the ministry."

3. When he believes he has a call from God and will not compromise under all this pressure from other pastors, friends(?), and family...then strange things happen.

"He is hit by a car in an accident, goes to the hospital. Some nurse pulls the plug on his oxygen, or there's a mix-up in medicene. He gets complications and dies. He can die of food poisoning or be fed mind changing drugs putting him in a mental institution.

"He can have a mysterious fight with a stranger who knifes him in the dark...or a contract is place on him for assassination by a bullet. As you can see, we are at war!"

For those interested, contact Dr. Rivera for the details of how he destroyed a Christian seminary for the Masonic controlled Jesuits before coming to Christ. The basics of the story is in Alberto.

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