Interest Taking

What you will learn:

*That the Old Testament and New Testament forbid interest taking

*Some of the role interest taking has played for the New Order

*Some ideas for Christ-like responses vs. the evil financial system set up today.

In 1979, an articulate JW elder, who was an ex-Baptist minister, engaged this Author in conversation about religion, specifically the JWs version of it. This Author's approach was to beat them at their own game, to outlegalize the legalizers.

Having just self-published a book examining how both the NT and the OT Scriptures condemn interest taking, it was only natural that this Author would raise Interest as an issue.

The idea behind showing the full brunt of the OT law, and Christ's expectations for us, is that in showing how demanding the law is, one shows the need for grace. After all didn't Christ say the law is a schoolmaster to lead us to Christ?

For the next two years, this Author raised the issue of Interest taking and the lack of proper scriptural understanding about it to the Jehovah's Witnesses. This Author had also mailed out free about 500 of my books on Interest taking to various addresses. Judging from the small amount of feedback, it wasn't a hot topic.

Today's attitudes within Christendom toward interest are 180 degrees opposite of attitudes that have been held by essentially all Christians for most of Christendom's history. Who could guess by looking at the Vatican Bank's large assets (over 1 Billion in 1978) and their annual profit in 1978 of over 120 million dollars1 that the Catholic Church forbid interest until 1830?

What does Christ think about all of the Vatican's stock analysts, their computers following the economic markets, their world-wide banking interests and so forth?

Today's attitudes toward interest taking are so different from the past. And not only is that significant in itself, but there has been a wholesale memory loss about the evils of interest taking, undoubtedly facilitated by the One-World-Power's control over the media and religious institutions of learning.

The JW elders with whom this Author raised the issue were totally unaware of the strong scriptural indictments against Interest taking. The subject hadn't surfaced until recently. Since this Author's book, other Christians have begun to speak out against it. Apparently, the Lord has laid the issue on more than one heart.

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