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The Mormon Church which is headquartered in Salt Lake City is named the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The Corporation of the President of the Church of J.C. of LDS is set up to hold the property and copyrights, etc. of the hierarchy. However, an extensive set of corporations, dummy corporations, etc. also exist to manage a far-ranging financial empire under the exclusive control of the head of the Mormon church.

The head of the Mormon Church is called President. He and two other top leaders of the Mormon Church are called the First Presidency. "The First Presidency has authority over all matters pertaining to the Church." 1

"The next in order are the Twelve Apostles...They hold the same authority in all parts of the world that the First Presidency does at home...The twelve have a president...This presidency is obtained by senority of age and ordination."

These fifteen men are followed by "the seventies". The "seventies" are groups of men whose groups also have a Presidentcy of seven men over their group, and these intermediate Presidents interface with the twelve apostles.

The structure looks like this in descending order:

1. The First Presidency (which consists of 1 President + 2 counselors)

2. The Quorum of the Twelve (which consists of apostles)

3. The Presidency of the Seventy (called members of the Presidency of the Seventy.

4. The First Quorum of the Seventy (members come from the different church districts)

5. The Second Quorum of the Seventy (members also come from the different church districts)


There are two priesthoods the Aaronic and Melchizedek and their relationship to the hierarchy is described by President Joseph F. Smith,

"Ascending the scale of authority, the titles and callings of deacon, teacher, priest and bishop come within the purview of the Aaronic Priesthood; while those of elder, seventy, high priest, patriarch, apostle and president are offices and callings in the Melchizedek Priesthood, to which the Aaronic Priesthood is an appendage. A full equipment is thus shown for the government and conduct of the Church both spiritually and temporally."4

Like the Watchtower Society the LDS church power structure is set up to govern its members totally in both spiritual and temporal affairs.

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