Reviving the Mystery Religions

• You will learn the names of members of one of the most powerful occult ruling bodies in the world.

• You'll receive information to provoke you take serious the occult threat to the world.

• You will develop a better understanding for where witchcraft and satanism are operating with concealed identities.

Those who have read their Bibles have noticed that the One-World-Religion, the Great Harlot, by the time she has ascended to her political world domination will be "drunken with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus." Rv 17:6

Dave Hunt and Texe Marrs are two Christians who write books warning about the coming New Order. They have taken two opposite views of the situation. Sometimes they quote the same material and get two different views.

Dave Hunt's books forecast peace and prosperity and a rapture of the saints. He tells us that reports about the dangers from the CFR and the Trilaterial Commission, communism (socialism), and New Age groups are overblown. It might be appropriate to quote the man himself,

"In contrast to the gloom-and-doom and frightening forecasts of the vast majority of Christians and non-Christians alike, we shall propose "A Contrary Scenario": a coming new age of unprecented peace and prosperity just over the horizon!" -Peace, Prosperity and The Coming Holocaust, p. 18

As proof of this Dave Hunt quotes a number of experts, researches at Rand Corp.(p.ll), Herman Kahn, head of the Hudson Institute (p.12), and Robert Muller, a man Hunt describes as "certainly one of the best informed men in the world" (p.12). By the way, all of these people are intimately connected to the New Order, and Muller is not just one of the best informed, but one of the most dangerous men in the world for Christians.

"Much of an alarmist nature has been rumored about a conspiracy among top political leaders in Washington to betray America's national interests...However, the Trilateralists and CFR people are invaribly referred to with exaggerations...Does this hypnotic control extend to every nation on earth? That seems a bit too much to believe! If they indeed have the power to do so, one wonders why these internationalists haven't yet installed their puppet world ruler! Exaggerated reports like the above...could be dangerous."- Peace, Prosperity and The Coming Holocaust, pp. 47-48

"In fact, the rapture is the only conceivable event that could cause the entire world to unite in a new world government and a new world religion and to submit suddenly to the leadership of the Anti-christ as the world dictator." Global Peace, p.204

"Communism's Humpty Dumpty would seem to have fallen so far and shattered so badly that even the fabled KGB will not be able to put it back together again." Global Peace, p. 60

Texe Marrs on the other hand quotes the writings of New Agers such as Alice Bailey, Benjamen Creme, M.E. Haselhurst, Meishu Sama, David Spangler, Ruth Montgomery, Moira

Timms, Barry McWaters, G.I. Gurdjieff, and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi who apparently all believe that Christians practicing the old-time religion will not survive the shift to the New Age.1 In a condensed summation, these New Age leaders declare that the earth will be purified and cleansed of those people not fit for the New Age. These people will be sent to another dimension, will pass into spirit, and be neutralized, and be washed away for their karmic debts. These euphemisms remind us of the words of New Age adept (and I refer to him thusly—because I have seen New Agers refer to him thusly and because I am familiar with his religion) Adolf Hitler, and how he planned to "cleanse" Europe. Alice Bailey describes that cleansing as a penalty to the Jewish people because of their bad karmic debt. These New Agers make it sound like Christians will be eliminated for their own good.

"...the plagues of Revelation are special packages of karma visited upon the obstinate that they might awaken to their wrong attitudes...animals that don't adapt become extinct. Remember?

Survival today means understanding and responding to change within the context of the internal



Both Hunt and Marrs feel the Bible backs their view. This is why I have chosen not to quote scripture to inform you what the New World Order is doing. I believe in Scripture, and that the sincere moral spirit-led seeker will find the true interpretation as God's grace permits. But this book and its research stand on their own, without pulling some Bible text out of Ezekiel or Daniel.


Jesus, (who obviously didn't take Dale Carnegie's Cource on Human Relations), calls the people who came to hear him hypocrites, "When you see a cloud rising out of the west, immediately you say, 'A shower is coming'; and so it is. And when you see the south wind blow, you say, 'There will be hot weather'; and there is. "Hypocrites! You can discern the face of the earth, but how is it you do not discern this time?"

With all our technology, is our discernment any better?

Let me inform you of a "south wind"—a certain policeman has already informed us that he has seen the lists of people the US government—part of Bush's New World Order—plan to arrest. (See chapter 3.9 for more about this.)

Let me inform you of this "south wind"—a friend of mine received all the election statistics on a map months before the actual "election" of Bush and Dukakis. These figures were not projections, they were the planned results. (Hunt would have you believe that its rediculous, alarmist, and dangerous to hear that CFR people in Washington, D.C. might conspire and have power. He says if they were so powerful they would put their own man in office. Mr. Hunt, for your information they have been placing their own men in even before this century—see Appendix, and have had the power to keep it from the general public.) A graduate research project at Florida State University on Who's Running America told the American people after intensive study that power in the United States of the media, various economic fields, politics, etc. is concentrated in an elite, and that the policy of that the Government carries out are decisions made outside of the elected government officials. There is nothing alarmist in their book which records their research finding, but it is just one more report of that "South Wind" that we should discern.

Let me also inform you that there are many leaders in this nation and the U.N. who we know are into witchcraft and the New Age.(This chapter will discuss that some more later.) Men of power are turning to the leaders of Satanic groups for power and money. The army has developed its own Psychic warriors- an actual military unit made up of demon empowered men, paid for by your tax-dollars.

Why would these people want to arrest God-fearing, peaceful, good-intentioned Christians? Is this simply because George Bush likes Alice Bailey's books? What do they have to fear from Christians?

The answer to these questions is the topic of this chapter. This answer will in part answer why the New Age movement is promoted by the One-World-Order.

Promote? Didn't the New Age movement just happen? No, it's been promoted by some very powerful people.(See chap. 3.3.)

For instance, rock music stars which are idolized by the youth of the world have been instrumental in bringing millions of young people in Eastern mysticism and the New Age Movement, and into Satanism. For instance, Warner Bros. and CBS (owned by Jews) have not ceased to put out some of rock's most objectionable material. Warner's produced Frank Zappa's "The Mothers," Prince's "Dirty Mind," Exile's "I Want To Kiss You All Over," and Alice Cooper's "I Love The Dead." CBS Records produced Tosh's "Legalize It," Pink Floyd's "The Wall," Dr. Hook's "Sloppy Seconds," Ted Nugent's "Scream Dream," and others. Atlantic Records located in Rockefeller Plaza, NY, Capital Records, and Electra/Asylum have also produced objectionalbe records. Teenagers are not foistering these evil records on themselves. It is not by accident that a record company cuts a certain record. Who is ultimately responsible for the Satanism and New Age Movement's promotion in rock music?

But it wasn't enough just to interest people in the New Age—they needed gurus from India to lead the young people off on their various paths. So the VHP (Vishva Hindu Parishad) was formed. It is a missionary council of Hindus, Buddhists, Jains, Sikhs, Lingayats, the Theosophical Society etc. that are organized and financed to import Hinduism et. al. into the Western World. In 1966, the VHP had their first missionary conference. Their VHP in house magazine is the Vishva Hinda Par. The Tibetan Dalai Lama was the president of their semi-secret VHP Conference in 1979.4 Sixty-thousand delegates and others participated.

Yes, the leader of the Hindu Missionary Organization, this Dalai Lama is the same Dalai Lama that is receiving awards and honors all over the world, not just by the secular world, but by Christendom's leadership. The Dalai Lama is a great man, but he thinks he is God, the reincarnation of Buddha. As a Christian, I am reminded of the scriptures where the elders worship the Creator, "You are worthy, O Lord, To receive glory and honor and power; For You created all things, And by Your will they exist and were created." Rv 4:9

If this seems off the track, it isn't—its actually involves the underlying answer to why Bible-believing Christians (and Bible-believing-Jews, and Koran following Moslems) are in conflict with the New Order.

Both Moses and Christ tried to give the common people the permission to have access to God, and their God was not just some imitation god either. The religious leaders were requiring initiations in India, Babylon, Greece and Egypt into their mystery religions. They supposedly were the guardians of exoteric mystery knowledge. As long as the people gave alligence to their power structure the common people generally were permitted to think they could be gods, and do whatever they wanted. In Hinduism, heresy is to teach that man is separate from God. This is directly opposite of the Christian concept of sin, where sin is defined as those imperfections that separate us from our Creator such as transgressing the law of God. No matter how deceptive it's said, the truth is that Hinduism has no concept of sin, (sin being defined scriptually as anything separating us from the glory of God and transgressing the law.)

For example, the "Bhagwan Shree" Rajneesh, and his staff ruled over their Antelope commune with a strict power structure, but the common people were allowed freedom to act as they pleased. Amand Sheila, Rajneesh's trusted right hand woman, has been a devoted student of the satanist Hitler, and studied his methods.5

Moses and Jesus, both in blatant disregard for the religious hierarchies of their day, set out to free the Israelites from false authorities. The Egyptian Mystery religions kept the common people worshiping a pantheon of Gods, but the higher initiates in the secret societies were taught that there is but one God.6 Also each Christ tried to point out that sin can be a false taskmaster far worse than the Romans. He tried to teach the people to realize they have direct access to their Creator, without a hierarchy. Each man was a priest. But today's New Age "cosmic Christians" have stood Christ's teachings on their head. They promise freedom, but then offer the things Christ said enslave us. They promise each of us that we can be gods ourselves, but then give us "spiritual laws", and the Great White Brotherhood Hierarchy, and our own positive thinking (magic will power) to trust in.

For instance, to give an example, Elizabeth Clare Prophet has five rings of interested people in her movement, Pearl's Reader (5th), Keeper of the Flame (4th), Community Member (3rd), Temporary Staff (2nd), and Permanent Staff (top level), and finally her, Elizabeth Clare Prophet. E.C. Prophet (who for some reason always uses the last name of her first husband, Mark Prophet rather than her last three husbands), is a very strict authoritarian with her church. Although her members are promised godhood—only she is allowed to channel messages from the Great White Brotherhood. When a particular couple went onto permanent staff, they were repeatedly counselled to cease channeling.

Masonic references to witchcraft abound. In Pike's Morals and Dogma page 733 he refers to the Kabalah (which he calls philosophy but could best be called magic). In the next two paragraphs he talks glowingly of "the powers of the human will." That is what witchcraft is all about. 33° Mason C. W. Leadbeater in his book The Hidden Life in Freemasonry refers to the Senior Deacon in Masonic rituals as taking on the role of Lucifer. "The S.D. is the Lucifer, who bears the light to his fellow-men." (p. 125 plus others) And his pages 311-12 refer to gigantic "Angels" taking over 33° Masons. These are just off hand samples of many similar Masonic references. If one really understands the occult/Luciferian/witchcraft nature of Freemasonry, then it becomes clear why the power of the Lodge promotes the revival of the Mystery Religions. In contrast with Christ, the Masonic Lodge tries to keep its power to an exclusive clique.

According to ex-High Satanic Priestess Brown, "Demons have no loyalties. They will always go to the stronger person. Satan's entire kingdom runs on the principle of competition; just the opposite of God's kingdom where everyone serves each other."—He Came To Set The Captives Free, p.48


Alice A. Bailey in her book A Treatise On White Magic or The Way of The Disciple (NY: Lucis Publishing Co., 1951) p.346 teaches her New Age disciples how to fight "forces that are working against the Plan and hindering the work to be done To counter them you employ the first method with the following additions and changes. You link yourself up either as an individual or forming one of a group with your own soul and with the Lodge of Masters, not simply with your own Master, but with the Brotherhood for which you are working. Then when stillness has been achieved, you visualize those Masters of whom you know, and raising your vibration higher still, you connect up, if possible, with the Chohans, with the Christ and the Manu, according to the line, religious or political, with which you may be working, and along which the attack will come. You then pour through the linking chain, and through all the vehicles, a stream of violet light."

The New Order doesn't fear gnostic religions, they simply take them over if they didn't create it in the first place. They fear people who will unreservably serve God and follow his Authority no matter what.

This may still not be clear. Let us give an example that hits home in many Christian denominations today, witchcraft.

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