Heresy Interlocks With Power

The Power of Propaganda

The power of Freemasonry has not just been political, judicial, and financial power, but also the power of propoganda. (The word is being used here with its original meaning and not in the disparaging sense of a body of distorted information.)

The influence of Masonic propoganda must be understood before the reader can really appreciate the role Masonry has played not only directly but also indirectly in the creation of Millenial religions (millenial religions include all types, including a. secular millenial religions of all types, including a. secular millenial religions such as Communism, b. pagan gnostic millenial religions such as the Nazi religion, the New

Age movement, and their allies the New Thought churches, and c. Christian gnostic millenial religions such as the Jehovah's Witnesses, Mormons, Second Adventists, and certain Dispensationalists.)

The connections between Masonic propoganda and the creation of each of these groups is there for historians to see, if they choose. Examine the statements and history of the leaders of these movements and one will find that they studied the stream of masonic propoganda that has issued forth over several centuries. The Order (Skull and Bones—considered to be an American Branch of the Illuminati) have held many key political, and economic posts and have been able to manipulate what propoganda the public has had easy access to.

In other words Masonic thinkers have had help in the promotion of their thinging, not only by other Masons but by the Order, which is a power above them, but working with them. And this stream of Masonic thinking has had a snowball effect, in influencing others to act, and further promoting this stream of thought.

What characterizes the Masonic thought? First, it sees a return to a Golden Age, a Millenial hope. This is often connected with the reestablishment of some Messiah king/priest to rule. Reason and Gnosticism and evolution are promoted. Christianity is attacked or limited, and secularization is promoted. The subterfuge in much of this is amazing. For instance, the JWs under the guise of religion have helped ban religion from public places. The best understanding of what is happening is not to look at labels, but the process, what happened. For instance, whether a Communist calls his belief a religion or not, is not relevant if his belief is in essence a millenial religion, granted it is a religion without many of the normal religious trappings. Although a closer look reveals most of the trappings of religion are there, under a new cover.

The separation of church and state, the promotion of feminist rights including abortion, and the New Age religion have been promoted by the Masonic lodges, not just individual Masons.

This gives the reader a quick overview of the Masonic stream of thought. Two charts follow which should help the reader grasp the extent to which Western Civilization has been shaped by this massive, sometimes a quiet undercurrent of Masonic thought. One chart is for Masonic authors in the 18th century, the other for the 19th century. English Freemasonry exerted a profound influence on the great reformers of the eighteenth century. Some examples are the Masons David Hume, Voltaire, Diderot, Montequieu, and Rousseau in France, and their disciples in the American colonies.

How powerful are Presidents?

It is true that a U.S. President has power, but let him overstep the path he is to follow, and those who have put him in power will tighten the screws, with bad press, or if neccessary the final solution, asassination. That is what happened to John Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln. Those two men ticked off practically everyone in the System. The Jesuits, the Industrialists, the Masons, in Kennedy's case one can add to the list the CIA, the FBI, and the Mafia.1

To avoid such drastic steps, key men are in government positions to insure that the President receives the slant to the news that will allow the President to see the right path. The Council on Foriegn Relations regularly determined at secret meetings high level CIA policy. The CIA in turn is capable of presenting their secret briefings to the President to almost insure that he sees their slant to things.

The foundations are one conduit of control. They create and implement government policies through their staff people which are salted throughout the U.S. government.

That the New World Order must use the CIA, FBI, and the Foundations shows that it has to work secretly. As a cover for their secret invisible government, they run carefully screened handpicked men in expensive democratic elections. This allows the populace to continue believing what they want to believe. Most people want to believe they are superior to others, and our "democratic" system allows Americans to be proud. That the One-World-Power pays for these expensive charades, shows how important secrecy is. The success of Big Brother in 1984 was exactly the type of control that they have been successfully using—double speak, hate politics, divide and control, rewritten history, etc.

These same tactics are being used powerfully on the religious scene.

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