Assassinating 3 Assassins

"The three infamous assassins are Law, Property and Religion." So says the official ritual of the 33 and last degree ritual of the Antient and Accepted Scottish Rite.

The 33 degree Jewish Mason Paul Rosen wrote in 1888, "Once Religion is dead, Law and Property will fall to our mercy, and we shall be able to regenerate society by founding on the corpses of the assassins of man, Masonic Religion, Masonic Law, and Masonic Property."1 And the Masons are doing this. This book shows the documentation of how Christianity has been systematically assassinated and the world "regenerated" by Masonic "religion."

The official organ of the Scottish Rite The New Age in Sept. 1921 put out an article "Freemasonry as a World Power". In this article they state by the pen of a 32° Mason, "Freemasonry may be a 'World Power,' but all the power in the world is of little use to the man who will not use it. The mightiest of levers may be in the strongest of hands; but if it lie there to no conscious purpose, nothing is ever moved." After calling on its Masonic readership to use the power of Freemasonry, they conclude, "Then 'Freemasonry as a World Power' will stand revealed as unconquered and unconquerable."

This book will show how the most powerful men have used Freemasonry as a lever to move the world to their vision of a one-world-religion one-world-government. How does the Power control Christian religions? The following chart gives the Power's basic system for control.

[insert the Chart- the tree of the policy process in Christian religions.]


Box G on the Chart is Christian leaders and research groups. The following list is from this Author's files of ministers (or as noted a few are prominant laymen) who were Freemasons. None to the Author's knowledge renounced Freemasonry, in other words this list is giving the reader a feel for the influence Masonry has on the churches, and the policy process. When a friend who has a cult ministry spoke in a Baptist church about the Mormons he touched on the similarities between Masonry and the Mormon temple ritual, several Baptist Masons in the audience walked out in the middle of his talk. This points out the difficulty those of us in the cult ministry have. This Author has personally had to deal with people who say they are Christians, but are more hostile to the Christian Apologist than they are to any cultist. Indeed, they often are totally accepting of the cults.

Garrick Whitley

A LIST OF MASONS WHO ARE/ HAVE BEEN CHRISTIAN CLERGYMEN (Chart circle G) (compiled from author's files from reliable sources, names found in other parts of this book are not intended to be included)

Baptists (ministers, pastors)

—American Baptist

Robert R. Austin,Jr.,James Franklin Kunce, Robert Albert Kunz (Ark.-Valley Assn. Ministers Pres. 74-75), William Whitley Widenham (M. Conf. leader, KT), Samuel Jerome Williams (32°)

—General Baptist Elvis Oscar Wilson

—Baptist (Independent etc.)

Ralph David Abernathy, Myron E. Adams,Thomas Jered Ayo, John Dante Barbee,Robert E. B. Baylor, David Benedict,James P. Garrick, Robert Lee French (Grand Master for WVA, Supt. Sunday Schools -19 yrs.), Paul Charles Klose, John Fort Newton (KT & 33°), Adam Clayton Powell, Jr., Charles Ray Yarborough, Jr.

—Missionary Baptists Stanley Wade Lewis,Sr.

—National Baptists Conv. Am. Floyd Daniel Johnson,

—Northern Baptists

Clarence A. Barbour, Joseph C. Hazen (32°) —Southern Baptists

Samuel William Avery, William Joseph Barbour, Earl R. Little,Jr. (32°,Shriner,KT, G.Comm.,York Rite College, Royal Ordr of Scotland, Soc. Rosicruciana ; deacon, ch.treasurer), Robert Franklin Keatley (Shriner), Herbert Lee Kinmon,Jr. (chrmn Pastor Conf. 1968),Julius Mahlon Kirkland, Harry Earl Kirkley, Daniel Knight, Terry Emerson Knight (mmbr. Pres.'s Roundtable), Reese Eugene Kyzar, Jessie Ray Leonard (32°), Coley Livingston Leopard, Arthur Horace Leslie, Sr. (32°), Harvey Dellmond Lewis, Jr. (32°), William Surncy Lewis, John Reinhardt Link, Floyd Lisenby, Richard Adam Long, David Wayne Lowery, William R. White (KT), William Thomas Wood, William Carl Woody, Jr. (32°, Shriner, Mmbr. Bapt. Public Rel. Assn.), Robert William Young,


Emilio Aguinaldo (layman), Manuel M. Alberti (priest), Moses Austin, Abbe Bertolio, J. Lewis Brown, Francisco Calvo (priest, 32°), Joseph Charless(layman), Minister Combs (seminarian),Abbe Cordier, Jean Baptiste Noel M. Delahogue, Jesse Green (layman),Miguel Hidalgo (priest), James Hoban (layman, R.A.M.), Andre Massena (layman, 33°), Emmett J.

McLoughlin (priest- called on carpet for neglecting spiritual duties and ordered to resign), Elias Rodriquez (Bishop)

Christian Church

Kring Allen (32°),Jesse M. Bader,Earle Edward Barclay (32°), Perry E. Gresham (32°), Wiley Alfred Welsh

Church of God in N.A.

Hubert Charles Lacquement (pastor of chs. & dir. spiritual services at Masonic Homes, Elizabethtown,Pa.)

Church of Scotland

Dr. William J. Baxter, David Steel

Congregational (ministers)

John Harvey Alexander(32°),Edward Anderson, Charles Brockwell, S. Parker Cadman, Fred W. Hagan, Walter H. Judd (missionary, 32°), Dr. M.H. Lichliter (33°, Grand Prior of Supr. Cncl), Jedidiah Morse,

Disciples of Christ

Claude E. Hill (KT), Earl Russell Jarvis (32°, Chrmn. Bd. Dirs.)

Episcopal (priests and bishops)

—African Methodist Episcopal John Hurst Adams,

Edwin Ralph George Adye, D.T. Owen (Archbishop Toronto, 33°), Edward Berry, Lucius Coghland, S. Hemming, Isaac Knapp, Ralph Robertson Latimer, A. Groom Parkham Herbert Poole, Michael Frederick Wellwood, Thomas Arnold Wilkinson (33°), James Joseph Worfolk,


Jasper Adams, Alexander B. Andrews (32° important Mason), Frederick B. Bartlett, Edward Bass, Troy Beatty, Fred W. Beekman, Granville G. Bennett, Alexander H. Blankingship (KT, 32°), Howard R. Brinker, William A. Brown, Frederick G. Budlong, William F. Bulkley (Ep. Archdeacon, KT and 32°), William T. Capers (32° ), Harrry R. Carson, Carlton Chase, Charles Clingman (32°), Leighton Coleman (KT), Benjamin D. Dagwell (32°), James H. Darlington, Thomas C. Darst, George W. Davenport, Philip Deloria (32°), David L. Ferris (KT, 32°), George K. Finley, Herbert H.H. Fox (KT), James E. Freeman, Alexander C. Garrett (33°), Mahlon N. Gilbert, Reginald H. Gooden, Fred D. Goodwin, John J. Gravatt,Duncan M. Gray, William M. Green, Robert E. Gribbin, Alexander V. Griswold (KT), William A. Guerry, Charles F. Hall (33°), William P. Hall (KT), Oliver Hart (33°, KT), Alan S. Hawkesworth,George C. Hunting (KT, 32°), S. Arthur Huston (32°),Irvins (Bishop of Milwaukie, 33°), Frank A. Juhan, Benjamin T. Kemerer, John Dominique La Mothe, Harry S. Longley (33°), James Madison (1st Epis. Bishop, VA), Charles G. Marmion, William H. Odenheimer (KT), James H. Otey (KT),William

S. Perry, John Peterson, Henry D. Phillips (32°), A.W. Noel Porter, Henry C. Potter, George M. Randall, Bartel H. Reinheimer (33°), Frank A. Rhea (KT & 33°), William B. Roberts (KT & 33°), Warren L. Rogers (KT & 33°), Samuel Seabury, W. Bertrand Stevens (33°), Francis M. Taitt (33°), Theodore P. Thurston, Tucker (Preciding Bishop, 32°), George R. Vandewater, Vedder Van Dyck, Mason Locke Weems, John C. White (KT & 32°), Wayne Bert Williamson, Jr., James A. Wise,

—Methodist Episcopal

William F. Anderson (32°), James C. Baker, Hiram Abiff Boaz, Charles H. Fowler (KT), John W. Hamilton, Leonidas L. Hamline, William L. Harris, Joseph C. Hartzell, Robert H. Kazmayer, McIlyar H. Lichliter (32°) , Enoch M. Marvin, Glenn R. Phillips (KT & 32°),Hiram R. Revels,


Christopher Karl Andre,

Friends (Quakers)-ministers

Enroll T. Elliot, Joseph Hewes (layman),

Jewish (rabbis)

E. Robert Adler, Joseph L. Baron (32°), Morton M. Bermen (32°), Abraham Feinstein, H. Geffen (32°), Edgar Fogel Magnin (33° and B'nai B'rith in L.A.), William F. Rosenblum (33°), Sidney S. Tedesche, Morris Teller (32°), Stephen S. Wise

Lutheran (ministers)

Johann Joachim Bellermann, Frederick Augustus Conrad Muhlenberg, John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg(also an Episcopal priest),

Methodist (ministers, pastors, bishops)

Walter Miller Allen, James C. Baker (32°),Phillip Eugene Baker (32°),Bruce R. Baxter (32° ,KT), Edgar Blake (KT), Wallace E. Brown, Harold G. Cooke, Fred P. Corson (KT + Grd Cmmdr), Frank Crane, John L. Decell, Harry S. DeVore (32°), Hoyt McW. Dobbs (33°, KT), Edward Eggleston, William W. Foster,Jr., George L. Fox, Eugene M. Frank, Schuyler E. Garth, Levi Gilbert, Wilbur E. Hammaker (32°), Ivan Lee Holt (33°), Robert E. Jones (33°), Benjamin Kavanaugh (missionary), Lorenzo H. King, Herman G. Koulter, II, (32°), Earl Leonard Langguth, Walter E. Ledden, Edwin F. Lee (KT & 32°), Adna W. Leonard, Oscar W. Lever, Titus Lowe (33°),Daniel L. Marsh, Paul E. Martin (33°), William C. Martin (32°), James M. Melear (KT), Charles B. Mitchell (33°), H. Clifford Northcott (32°), John R. Palmer (32°), Clare Purchell (kt), Richard C. Raines (33°), Marshall R. Reed (KT), Angie Frank Smith (32° + Shriner), Harry Lester Smith (33°), Wilbur P. Thirkield, William N. Thomas, Donald H. Tippett (KT & 33°), Ray J. Wade, Ernest L. Waldorf, Ralph A. Ward, Herbert Welch (33°), Hazen G. Werner (33°), Winslow Nathon Wilson, Earle D. Young

—Southern Methodist John T. Irion (32°, G.M.,KT)

—United Methodists,

Miles Walter Jackson (32°, Shriner), Harvey Bynum Johnson,Verne Dale Johnson (chairman of evangelism -Unit. Mth. Church 72-74), William Ray Keeflee (Church official of Unit. Meth. active in Nat. Conf. Christians and Jews), John Q. Kemper (mmbr bd. mission-Unit. Meth. Ch. KT conf. '48-52), John Quill Taylor King (33°, Pres. Gen. Council of Ministers- 72-77, Nat. Conf. Christians and Jews, Pres. Nat. Assn. Schools and Colleges related to Un. Meth. Ch. 7071), William Glenn Kirk (32° ), Virgil Spencer Leonard (32°), John Allan Lippincott (Msn + OES), Thomas E. Weir (KT, Cryptic Mas., Rot.), Charles Denny White(sec. Gen. Conf. 68-71) , Cecil Frank Wilkins, David Alexander Wilson,Jr.


James Ainslie, Stanford Thomas Ballard (32°), Christopher Blockwell, William J. Boone,Robert Jefferson Breckinridge, Roy H. Brown (missionary, 32°), Frank L. Eversull (33°), Harry K. Eversull (33°), George A. Fitch, Herbert A. Gibbons, W. Franklin Harkey, Moses D. Hoge, Ralph C. Hutchison (32°), Minus Baskin Jackson, Arnold Hilmar Lowe (KT & 32°), Peter Marshall, David Wayne Wiman (KT, Shriner, O.E.S.)

Haven Coke Kelley, Jr., Daniel Burns Leighton, Samuel Joseph Marshall (32° +Shriner)

Reformed Church Paul S. Leinbach

Salvation Army

Ballington Booth (KT + Scottish Rite), Charles B. Booth, Robert Edwin Kribbs (32° + Shriner, also min. U.P. Ch.)

Unitarian (See chap. 2.4)

Leon M. Birkhead (also a Meth. min.), Howard M. Dow, United Brethren

Arthur R. Clippinger (KT & 32°), David T. Gregory (32°), Warner Thomas Keefe (chrmn. comm. on Christ, education Nat. Ass. Cong, of Christian Churches), Clyde A. Lynch,

United Christian Gregory George Kendall

United Church of Christ

Donald J. Barthelmeh, Paul Franz Koepke (32° + Shriner, del. gen synod '69,'71, pres. Uniting Rel. Community, Elkhart Co. Ind.), James McLaurin Whyte (bd.dir.Vt. conf.U.C.o.C,'62-'66),

Universalist (See chap. 2.4) Sylvanus Cobb,Jr. (KT + Scottish Rite),

Further on, individual denominations will be examined indepth. But for now here are some note worthy items, that can be mentioned in general about the Masonic infiltration of the churches.

1. Ministers, especially high ranking church officials are special targets of recruitment. Not only is this known to this Author from interviews with ex-high ranking Masons, but can also be seen from the following quote from the Proceedings of the Grand Lodge of Illinois (1909),

The Grand Master Charles R. Smith speaking to a large Masonic meeting which had representatives from 24 foreign grand lodges, and representatives from 54 lodges in attendance stated his following decision,

"1. I was asked, "Is a Jewish Rabbi a minister of the gospel," within the meaning of section 21, chapter XV of the constitution, entitling him, in the discretion of the lodge, to a reduction in. or rebate of the fees for initiation? As Jewish Rabbis are authorized by law to perform marriage ceremonies and other duties appertaining to the sacred office of the ministry, I ruled that they were "ministers of the gospel" within the meaning of the section." (Underlining added to highlight how recruited ministers can get their fees waived by a lodge.)

2. In some denominations the selection of what congregation a minister is assigned to involves church politics, that can give the Masons an edge. Conservative ministers are assigned small, poor rural churches. More liberal ministers with the right connections are given large, rich, city congregations. Not only is this born out by an interview with an ex-minister, but reports like the following make it suspect. This report is from the Bishop of Southwark, Dr. Mervyn Stockwood,

"A case known to me involved a particularly unfortunate appointment to an important living. The man, a Mason, had little to commend him. But he was approved by the diocesan, the suffragan and by the archdeacon—all of whom were Masons. I am prepared to believe that the hierarchy was innocent and never allowed the Masonic factor to determine their choice. But in the diocese it was widely believed that it was the golden hand-shake rather than the Holy Spirit that filled the vacant living."4

3. The Masons are a seed of destruction to the church using techniques parallel to what sucessfully worked for the white man against the Indian. The American Indian was conquered by the white man due to a series of several contributing factors such as false pretensions of peace by the white man, the introduction of infectuous diseases and bad habits (alcohal), and the promotion or the problem of inter-rivalry between Indian groups (divide and conquer). Within the Christian churches Masons are introducing various "infectious diseases" such as (to name a few) are subjective religion, witchcraft and the New Age under different labels, the Rapture theory, fatalism toward an Armagggedon, expectations that the Jews (practicing Pharisism from Babylon) will rebuild their temple, the notion that the Asian-blooded Askinazim Jews are God's chosen people and have an inherent right to take Palestine, a lack of zeal toward evangelism, especially cult evangelism, and ecumenicalism. One woman into Eastern Star, who calls herself a Christian, informs people that one can be a Christian and believe in evolution. According to her, those Christians who don't believe in evolution are bringing dishonor to Christianity.

Episcopalian Dr. Morey would have us believe that Freemasonry was a Christian organization before Albert Pike turned it into a "Hindu temple." However, this is pure Masonic propoganda. Any unbiased researcher will find the Christian churches were concerned from the very beginning about Freemasonry. According to the Scottish Rite's New Age Magazine the first expose of

Freemasonry was in 1730 and entitled Masonry Dissected by Samuel Prichard.5 In 1798 and 1803 the Baptist Reverend Henry Crocker in Vermont preached sermons against Freemasonry saying it" makes a disturbance in the churches..."6 In the rare Autobiography of Rev. Abel C. Thomas, writing about 1829, records his observations of a Mason minister, "the light of Mr. Kneeland was fast going away into the darkness of Atheism in the Masonic Hall." In the Masonic book The Spirit of Masonry published in 1775 we are told, "Masons know the way of gaining an understanding of Abrac." Abrac is a type of magic.

There are many other quotes that could be added from this time period, but the reader can see the point which is being made. Masonry has been a cancer destroying the Protestant churches for over two hundred years. Charles Finney the great Christian evangelist after he'd joined and found out what Freemasonry was about, became a rabid anti-Mason. This was in 1824, the year he went into evangelism. While Finney was warning Christians about Masonry, another Christian, the Rev. George Taft was saying, "Masonry and religion—what God hath joined together, let no man put assunder."9

Dr. Morey claims he read "everything" the Christians had written about Freemasonry.10 He claims in the book to have studied Masonry indepth and found it was Christian before Albert Pike. One wonders if he missed the great Evangelist Charles Finney's statements. Finney was a Mason, but left to be a Christian in 1824. He stated in the 1830s, "Surely, if Masons really understood what Masonry is, as it is delineated in these books, no Christian Mason would think himself to remain at liberty another day as a member of the fraternity. It is as plain as possible that a man knowing what it is, and embracing it in his heart, cannot be a Christian man. To say he is is to disbelieve the very nature of Christianity."

4. According to an ex-Mason now Christian, the Masons have infiltrated all the religious and denominational groups. Whether this is an overstatement or not, it is clear from the Author's research that it can't be much of an overstatement, because Masons can be found even in groups that forbid them. If organizations of Christians are examined Masons can also be found in the leadership. By controlling Bible Societies, the type of Bible translations, the distribution pattern, etc. are controlled. Some examples of Masons within Christian Societies are:

American Bible Society- John T. Manson (Pres. ABS), Edgar C. Powers (33°, Dist. Sec. of ABS), William Phillips Hall (V.Pres. ABS, trustee Old St. John St. Meth. Episc. church, NY, KT & Scottish Rite), John Pintard (ABS 1st Sec.)

American Christian Alliance- William H. Anderson (founder of ACA)

Anti-Saloon League-William H. Anderson (NY branch), Earnest H. Cherrington, John B.

Canadian Bible Society- Edwin Ralph George Adye (ass. dir. 55-59)

Christian Endeavors- Dr. Stanley B. Vandersall (President of U.S. C.E.Society, and Global

Board Ministries- Samuel Herbert Allman (KT, GBM world secretary)

Institute of Practical Theology- Rev. Thomas Edward Weir (G. Prelate of KT, dir. of I.P.T.)

Jews For Jesus- Tuvya Zaretsky (Dir. of Development of Jews for Jesus San Francisco, leader at several branches, now leader of L.A. branch)

Travel Institute of Bible Research- Samuel H. Cuff

There are some Christians that this Author doesn't know whether they are members but they certainly are for the New Age agenda. An example:

Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship- David Bryant (not known if he is a Mason, but definitely into the New Age Movement)

5. The influence of Masonry upon church teachings can be seen in what the Educational and Historical Commission of the Grand Lodge of Georgia published in its Leaves from Georgia Masonry, "Let us take a look at the number of great Bible classes for men which have been organized by the Church. Many of these classes are being led by enlightened Masons These laymen are bringing to the interpretation of the Bible many of Masonry's great revelations."11 (bold added)

Circle G- Seminaries and Christian Schools

Circle G on the chart is Seminaries and Schools. The following is list is made up of Freemasons who are in Prominant positions in charge of Christian Seminaries or schools, or are teachers. This is not a complete list, but is given in the hopes it will provide the reader for a feel for how much influence the Masonic lodge has even on Christian education. Centers that were thought to have been Christian centers for Theology are recruiting and training centers for all kinds of heresy and occultism.

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