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The following stories, statistics and facts are revolting and are not something we particularly want to dwell on. However, for the minute it takes to read through the next few paragraphs, this Author wants to point out how prevalent yet secret Satanism is. Whether you the reader are or aren't aware of evil spirits, the facts remain there are countless people down through the ages who have worshipped evil spirits.

On Friday and Saturday nights across the United States members of Satanic Covens are secretly meeting.1 They also meet on the many Satanic special days. (See the list of their sacred days and the blood sacrifices that they carry out on those days.) An ex-Illuminati member estimates that over 300,000 covens exist in the United States each having 13 or more members. A Black Prince (Black Satanic Magician) estimated 40,000 to 60,000 satanic human sacrifices occur in the U.S. yearly.

This Author had the privilege to talk to someone who had an accidental rare encounter with Satanists in Kansas City and managed to successfully flee to live and tell about it.

Having been a West Point cadet, it especially caught my attention when the West Point Day Care Center was accused of being involved in the ritual abuse of 30 children. The officer requesting an investigation into his 2 1/2 year old daughter's abuse was told to resign his commission. (This is no surprise in several ways.)

Many dozens of day care centers in California are investigated each year for subjecting the children left in their care to Satanic Ritual Abuse. In Los Angeles County 800 allegations of ritual abuse involving 64 schools and preschools and 27 neighborhoods were reported.

The newmen and newspapers are repeatedly coming upon news stories involving Satanism. Most of these stories never get printed, and many stories which do, do not draw conclusions from the obvious clues indicating Satanic activity. An example of this is a news story describing the desecration of a grave by some young people. Certain bones are listed as having been taken, and the story writes the incident off as youngsters playing games. If more were known about Satanism the fact that the left hand was taken would have clued people that Satanism was involved. The left hand, the femur, the Skull, and a particular rib bone are especially important parts of the body. Left hands are associated with Satan-right hands with God. Human sacrifices are always done with knifes in the left hand, except when the Priestesses battle to the death for power.4

Many criminal cases showing clues of Masonic involvement have the Masonic clues ignored by the police and the press. Examples abound such as Jack the Ripper's case.

This Author knows personally from when he did farm work that occassionally cattle would be found obviously killed from some type of Satanic ritual. The newspapers often did not report such stories by farmers.

The Chicago Tribune, Sunday, Apr. 27,1986 carried a story "Satan Worship Called Dangerous, Growing" by Eric Zorn. The story told how youth in the area had been involved in attempts to sacrifice humans to Satan, and about a series of mutilation killings in Cook and Du Page Counties in 1981-82 in which 4 men abducted and murdered up to 18 women. The parts of the dead women's bodies were used in Satanic rituals involving cannibalism and sexuality.

Satanic Ritual Abuse Calendar

Jan. 1 New Years Day Druid feast day

Jan. 7 St. Winebald Day blood ritual,

Jan. 17 Satanic Revels sex ritual

Jan. 20 St. Agnes Eve

Jan. 20 kidnapping, sacrifice preparation

Jan. 26 Grand Climax sex ritual, human sacrifice

Feb. 2 Candlemas sex ritual, one of the witches' Sabbats

Feb. 25 Blood Host or St. Walpurgis Day blood ritual, animal sacrifice

March 1 St. Eichatadt Day blood ritual, demon hommage

March 20 Equinox Feast sex and blood rituals, Sabbat

March 24 16 year old bride of Satan ritual

April 19-25 kidnapping, sacrifice preparation

April 24 St. Mark Eve

April 25 Grand Climax female sacrifice (can be a child), sex & fertlity ritual (5 wks. & 1 day since equinox)

April 26-30 high holy days for Beltaine

April 30 Walpurgis Night or May Eve blood ritual, one of the greatest witches' Sabbats

May 1 Beltaine, Walpurgis or May Day blood ritual and/or fire festival

June 21 Solstice Feast sex ritual, animal or human sacrifice

June 23 Midsummer's Eve fire festival, most important times for the practice of magick [sic]

July 1 Demon Revels blood ritual, sex with demons

July 20-27 kidnapping, sacrifice preparation

July 25 St. James Day

July 27 Grand Climax sex ritual, human female sacrifice

July 31 or Aug. 1 Lammas / Harvest animal or human sacrifice, great Sabbat

Aug. 3 Satanic Revels sex ritual

Aug. 24 St. Bartholomew Day fire festival, great Sabbat

Sept. 7 Marriage to the Beast sex &. blood rituals, female under 21

Sept. 20 Midnight Host hands of glory / blood ritual

Sept. 22 Equinox Feast Day sex ritual

Oct 23-30 kidnapping, sacrifice preparation

Oct 29-31 or 31 All Hallows' Eve blood ritual, fire festival, great Sabbat, believe the dead return to earth this night

Nov. 1 Halloween sex ritual

Nov. 4 Satanic Revels sex ritual

Nov. 11 All Hallows' Eve the ancient date, celebrated by some groups

Dec. 16-23 kidnapping, sacrifice preparation

Dec. 21 St. Thomas Day fire festival, great Sabbat

Dec. 22 Solistic Feast Day sex ritual (also burial ritual for some groups)

Dec. 24 High Grand Climax blood ritual

In addition to the above dates, the following dates should also be added:

year 2009 Feast of the Beast year long celebration, occurs every 28 years

Good Friday passion, mock crucifixion, male sacrifice only

Holy Saturday male or female sacrifice

Easter male, female, adult or child, sacrificed, followed by three days of chanting the survivor's birthday highest of all days for that individual

The sabbath, from sunset Friday to sunset Saturday is also observed. Astrological events like full moons and eclipses are also causes for "celebration."

This is a compilation of 6 different versions of SRA calendars. It is highly unlikely that any one SRA survivor would have been abused on all the above dates. However, most SRA survivors, irregardless of the group they belonged to, were abused on the following dates: April 26-May 1, June 21, October 31, and December 22 & 24. Many survivors are also affected one to two weeks prior to the celebration of any major ritual as this is the time for preparation rituals leading up to a major event.

In Mexico across the Texas border a Satanic group which sacrificed people recently managed to splash across the headlines and television screens. Even though the news media is careful not to give the full ramifications in such stories, and is reluctant to carry these stories, the stories still can't be totally suppressed.

Two points have been introduced, that Satanism is widespread, and that our awareness of its activity is very slim due to its extreme secrecy and poor news coverage.

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