Mysteries of the Watchtower Society

You will learn in this chapter:

• You will be informed that the winged-sun-disk used by H.P.B and C.T. Russell was an llluminati symbol and a symbol for the Church of Illumination.

• You will learn about three mysteries of the Watchtower Society, pyramids, the Golden Age, and the winged-sun-disk.

• You will examine Charles T. Russell and his sun worship.

I remember the first time I came in contact with Jehovah's Witness literature. I was in high school, and as the caretaker of our family library I puzzled over the symbolic meaning to the cover. Two tiny snakes with protruding gold tongues encircled a Winged globe on the book's reddish-brown cover. The book was part of a series "Studies in the Scriptures". What the symbolic meaning of this strange Winged-Sun-Disk with snakes was not explained. Obviously, the meaning was for those "in the know" and not the casual reader.

The author of "Studies in the Scripture" spoke of a Golden Age to come. He capitalized in bold underlined letters on each volume's title page THE GOLDEN AGE OF

Russell had a fold out chart in the front of Vol. 1 about the Great Pyramid. | was unaware of who Russell was, and unable to realize the implications of all this. I do, however, remember those first impressions as a Christian in high school "this is weird."

Where did all these strange beliefs come from? It doesn't take much to pique the curiosity of my research oriented mind. My teenage mind was always from early on searching in an effort to learn, checking out Plato, John Dewey, Will Durant, Mahatma Gandhi, and many other philosophers and religious leaders. As a youngster, I was always asking why?

The curious can have a field day with the Jehovah's Witnesses. For instance, why call one's meeting place a hall? why not Kingdom meeting, or Kingdom assembly, or Kingdom study, or church, or chapel, or tabernacle, or temple, or something else? why hall?

Why all the secrecy? Why are the writers and leaders of the Watchtower Society clouded in secrecy? Why have no membership records been kept? The answer given, that it was a security measure in case of persecution didn't satisfy me. Why? Because other groups equally persecuted made other choices, choices that are not secretive. Others said, we trust God and are willing to suffer for Him, so why be secretive? What have we to hide?

The choice to be secretive is just that, a choice, a decision. And it was made at the top of the Watchtower pyramid, by the Watchtower President, and now by the Governing body. And this secretive attitude permeates down the pyramid to the rank and file Jehovah's Witnesses.

"I was interested in possibly joining the Jehovah's Witnesses," a stranger related to this author in a chance conversation, "but when I arrived at the Kingdom Hall, the meeting had begun. They had locked the door, there were no windows, and I didn't want anything to do with a secretive religion like that."

The answer to where Jehovah's Witnesses receive their strange beliefs, strange doctrines, and attitudes comes primarily from two men. Because primarily only two men, Charles Taze Russell and Joseph F. Rutherford made all the decisions of the Watchtower Society for the beginning sixty years.

Ray Franz who was an important Governing Body member stated that the first two Watchtower Bible and Tract Society Presidents "acted according to his own perogatives in exercising his presidential authority, with no hint of a governing body."2

Since these two WT leaders, two other Presidents have served, Knorr and Franz. But while Knorr administrated, Frederick Franz was the real religious leader. Governing Body member Klein referred to Fred Franz as their "oracle." But today their oracle is 97 years old, blind, and only a figurehead.

How does the researcher attempt to understand these problems and men?

Some of this Author's conclusions after years of research, is that there are certainly many pitfalls to investigating secretive organizations.

Material written by secretive organizations for the public's consumption are often loaded with fictictious information. Modern Masonic writers are quite frank that the early Masonic writers when writing about the lodge are not to be trusted.3 Not every Mason author identifies himself as a Mason. The Masons have lied to show their legitimacy and antiquity. The Jehovah's Witnesses have done similar things, but have also deceived to gloss over doctrinal controversies, embarrassing scandals, anything that doesn't square with the image of being God's selfless, pristine perfect organization. Periodically they rewrite their history to match "present truth." The WT Society has been taken to task numerous times for scholastic dishonesty. Anyone familiar with the Mormon murders has a chance to know the elaborate deception the LDS (Mormon) church leaders have gone to, to preserve their power.4 As the reader will discover, Masons and Mormons are given latitude to explore religious thought, within the limits given them, but the power and integrity of the leadership is an off-limits subject. Two insiders close to the top of LDS pyramid of power, Frank J. Cannon and John C. Bennett, revealed in their books some of the high-level working of the LDS church.5 LDS members were forbidden to quote their sensitive material.

Both Masonic and non-Masonic writers often have an incorrect view that all Freemasons have a common purpose, common beliefs, and common methods. The higher Masonic leadership has goals which will be exposed in this book. The lower levels of Masonry are a cover, and for that purpose are permitted to have many ideas. Most Freemasons are limited in their knowledge of Freemasonry. The Freemason next door may regard his own personal experience, as universal of all Freemasonry. He may have only experienced the lodge in terms of a philanthropic fraternity, and has not bothered to study what Freemasonry has done historically, or what the higher levels reveal. Like army-grunts in the field, they have no knowledge of the high-level planning.

The Masons have clouded their activities. The higher degrees are called "side degrees" and they claim the higher degree aren't higher, but simply on the side. The truth seeker has to work his way through these ruses.

How does one investigate the strange masonic connections of the Watchtower Society, the Mormons, and other religious groups?

It's like being a policeman who comes upon a suspicious car accident. If he rules it "an accident", rather than a homicide, he will limit his approach in gathering clues. On the other hand, if he assumes the worst and views it as a homicide, he will collect all the evidence he can. This book is an attempt to gather evidence. Yes, the fact that the policeman gathers facts means he's suspicious. It doesn't mean anyone is guilty. For instance, just because C.T. Russell was a Mason, doesn't mean Jehovah's Witnesses today join Masonic Orders.

Now this Author can not actually take the reader through all the hoops of research he has jumped through to get to his conclusions. But he can pass some of it along in this book, along with his conclusions. This Author has concluded that the following statement of Manly P. Hall, a powerful Mason who was on the secret world council of thirteen,6 is an accurate reflection of the power that the Masonic mystery religions feel they have.

"Under new names and, to a measure, with new interpretation, the old wisdom which guided the destinies of ancient peoples is being reconsidered and restored. It becomes increasingly more evident that wisdom and understanding alone can can bestow the security and happiness which all men still seek as the foundation of a useful life. The shadowy forms of the venerated sages and prophets of the Golden Age rise again, inviting our appreciation. Though long exiled from the sphere of mortal purposes, these noblest of men are being re-established as the great teachers of the human race. The mystery religions of antiquity, which flourished long before the rise of the modern way of life, have been brought into clear focus by progressive leaders in the fields of psychology and comparitive religion."7

Manly P. Hall is correct in that Hinduism is presented today under a new name "New Age Movement." And true, the Hindu forms of prayer, Yoga and Transcendental Meditation have a new interpretation, they are exercises to practice. And the venerated sages of Hinduism and Witchcraft have risen (and fallen like the "Bhagwan Shree" Rajneesh and Krishnamurti, and like New Age leaders Jim Jones and Adolf Hitler). However, progressive leaders have not brought the New Age movement into focus. That is why this book is needed.

The author's experiences in New Delhi, India were a real picture of the end result of the New Age beliefs. There are many clues around. For instance, this Author's stamp collection contained Indian Nationalist postage stamps printed by Nazi Germany, just a glimpse of the connection between the Hitler's promised thousand year Millenium, and the New Age New Order. The more clues a researcher finds the worse the story gets worse, much worse. No, progressive leaders have not brought the issues into clear focus. For those readers who are interested in stories of power, for those who do not want to be compliant servants of a New World Order, this book is written for you. Dedicated to those whose love of truth and freedom led them to pay the ultimate sacrifice, death.

Let's start by an examination of those three mysterious items of the founder of the Watchtower Society, Charles Taze Russell. Those were the winged-sun-disk, pyramids and the Golden Age to come. It is disconcerting to find that these items are three notable things discussed in Manly P. Half's classic reference book on esoteric Masonic knowledge, The Secret Teachings of All Ages. As we flip through Manly P. Hall's book page after page refer to a coming future Golden Age. We also stumble upon the winged-sun-disk (on page XLIX) which is explained as a solar trinity, and represents the various sun Gods of the ages. At least eight pages discuss pyramids in detail, especially the Great Pyramid that Pastor C.T. Russell wrote so much about. On page XLIII appears a Great Pyramid drawing from Piazzi Smyth, C.T. Russell's mentor. It is well established that Smyth was the mentor of the Watchtower Society's experts on the meaning of the Great Pyramid. Smyth was the source of both Manly P. Hall's esoteric Great Pyramid knowledge and C.T. Russell and the Edgar brothers' (well known WT lecturers on the Great Pyramid) knowledge.


When something new appears it is good for us to remember there is nothing new under the sun.

I illustrated that point with a personal anecdote in my previous book The Watchtower & The Masons. (This book Be Wise As Serpents is going to go over some of the same material on the Watchtower Society as my previous book, but this time more details and better explanations will be brought to bear on the subject.)

Perhaps the reader can think of his or her own experience that taught him how we derive our ideas from sources, and not from out of a vacuum.

I marvel at how much continuity a modern people have with their ancestors. This point was highlighted one day. I was studying some ancient Egyptian cursive handwriting from the 19th Dynasty while waiting for my meal in a restaurant. My sample of cursive called hieratic was about 3,300 years old.

An arab approached me and started a conversation, because he thought I was reading Arabic. That caused me to reflect. The Egyptians had been conquered by the Assyrians, Persians, Greeks, and Romans, and had gone through using various scripts, yet they choose in relatively modern times to use the Arabic script which resembles hieratic. The word choose here is used on the premise people are responsible for their own actions. People tend to build, to adapt old ideas. People tend to borrow rather than create new. (As I did with this paragraph from from my earlier book.) When we see something "new" arrive in history, such as the alphabet, then it is valid to question where "new" ideas have come from. In the case of an alphabet, one looks for clues as to when it was introduced. "New" ideas rarely come from a vacuum.

If the researcher tracks down where Charles T. Russell's ideas come from he is led to a source that was a common source of other religions too. The researcher begins to see patterns, and to realize that religions stemming from the source of Russell all have a common goal. The rank and file of these groups are of course unaware of much of this, and are unwittingly contributing to a master plan.


In 1910, Russell made his second trip to the Egyptian pyramids. He went inside the Great Pyramid. When he returned, he informed the readers of the Watchtower magazine about the Pyramid's hidden message. He also instituted some big changes to the binding of his books. His Studies in the Scriptures received the Egyptian trinity Winged-Sun-Disk on their covers, and the other Watchtower books also received it. He also at the same time made an effort to look international stamping the binding of the covers either "London and Brooklyn" or "Brooklyn and London".

Another religious leader, Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, leader of the Theosophical Society, also used the Winged-Sun-Disk. She by coincidence also started putting it on her magazines Theosophy in 1912. She had also made a pilgrimage to the Great Pyramid, and like Russell had to go in and explore the passageways and chambers herself. She spent an entire night alone in the heart of the Great Pyramid in the King's chamber.

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