Catholic Groups To Examine

The student of the New World Order will want to keep track of the following secret societies that involve the Catholic church.

THE ORDER OF KNIGHTS OF MALTA- Connected to the "Black" Nobility, this group connects with the Vatican, CIA, the Mafia, the Prieure de Sion, and many of the governments of Latin America. According to one Masonic source this group is also connected to Freemasonry.

OPUS DEI- A fraternal organization (in some ways secret) started in 1922 which is amassing increasing power within the Catholic Church. This movement is tied to the French Masonic Grand Orient.78

THE SOCIETY OF JESUS (JESUITS)- This fraternal Society has long had connections with illumination, and has been the cutting edge of the Church's strenth. They nominally owe allegiance to the Pope, but are practically a power unto themselves. The Pope has the power to try to replace the Master General with his own selection like he did with Arupe, but doing that is no assurance of Jesuit compliance. German Novalis said, "this Society will be an example of every society which feels an organic longing for infinite extension and eternal duration." Ignatius said, "The more universal your work the more divine it becomes." Usual training period for a Jesuit is 17 years.

THE KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS- A Fraternal organization for Catholics modeled after Freemasonry.

Also the reader should be aware of the following church systems, because they play a role in the Illuminati's power structure.

OLD CATHOLIC CHURCH- This branch is more occultic than the regular Catholic Church. One of its Rites is the English Rite. Became the Liberal Catholic Church.

THE LIBERAL CATHOLIC CHURCH- Their Christ is Maitreya, and they follow the "Great White Brotherhood." They have a pagan trinity, and practice the occult. Started by a Freemason. Not directly under the Catholic system.

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