Capturing By Using Fear

CUT is a New Age Religion designed to catch the conservative elements, that would shun most New Age groups. CUT preaches against Communism, the Feminist Movement, Abortion, Drugs, the Trilateral Commission, the Bankers, and uncontrolled immigration from Mexico. It is in favor of survivalist tactics, political activism, wearing business suits, and looking clean cut. If one looks at where they have concentrated their activities one notices they have worked in some very conservative western areas, Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Washington, and Arizona. (California is also an important center of activity but hardly a bastion of conservatism.)

When I contemplated the hoax that Church Universal and Triumphant is apparently carrying out among the conservatives in Western United States, I was reminded of a fishing trip years ago. In 1969, several Germans and I went out to a small German island in the North Sea. We strung a net across a river, went downstream and entered into the river. We walked upstream toward the net. The fish were afraid of being caught by us. They swam into the net. We reached the net, pulled the net to shore and filled two large baskets full of big good tasting flounder. It's one of my favorite fishing trips.

The people in the Western U.S. are like these flounder. They are aware that big powers are trying to control their lives. They are trying to get away from the One-World-State Power. And so what do they do? They swim right into the very conservative CUT, and are easy pickings for the One-World-Religion.

To gain the great advantages of Hegelian Philosophy— the One-World-Power has been behind both extremes. But this can only work if the people being deceived and manipulated, don't realize that the same people are behind different groups.

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One thing that Elizabeth Clare Prophet may be commended upon, it is her willingness to give some of the best occult knowledge to her followers. In her catalog she sells Raymond Bernard's The Hollow Earth. An ex-high level New Age disciple Troy Lawrence tells us that the masses are told Shamballa the home of the Spirit Masters is in Tibet but, "The initiated know something different. They know that Shamballah is the region of the hollow earth. The spiritual region where the King of the World and his Master dwell." The Spirit Masters have told the highest level occultists who are sold out to them that the earth is hollow. For instance, Pam Davis was told by a spirit, "Do you not know that the center of your Earth, it is not that which has been spoken by your scientists, the bubbling of the molten rocks, it is beauteous. It is home for thousands upon thousands of Beings that have lived there in totality of harmony and understanding of love." ("The Power of One," Life Times (Winter 86/87), p. 84.)

Elizabeth Clare Prophet is infatuated with the Great Pyramid like H.P.B. and C.T. Russell. She has produced an illustrated program with 8 cassettes entitled A Retreat on the Ascension, which includes lectures on the inner mysteries of the Great Pyramid. The Great Pyramid has long been held by esoteric groups as an initiation center. Some confidential sources speak of gaining godlike power from the pyramid. The occult leaders of the One World Power have held that the Great Pyramid's King's chamber is an initiation center for godhood.

CUT teachings are heralded as 'Spiritual wisdom uniting east and west."<#33. Quote from the banner of Pearls of Wisdom. The idea of being the religion of unity between east and west is heralded by CUT In other places too

The teachings (supposedly from the Ascended Masters) are a brew of Hinduism with Buddhist thought and Christian terminology. Add a heavy dose of Mariology from the Catholics with Fatima, and sprinkle in bits and pieces of other things from other sources and stir this brew, and you will come up with CUT 's beliefs. They basically are another Gnostic Mystery Cult Whether one identifies CUT as having the I AM movement's beliefs, or Masonry's, or the Gnostic Mysteries is perhaps moot, they are all about the same. Let's look at some of the similarity of CUT with Masonry before CUT was even thought of.

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