Cabalistic Jews

Illumined Cabalist Jews infiltrated Catholicism over the Middle Ages. Pope Leo X (Giovanni de' Medici of Florence- Pope from 151321) was interested in the Kaballah. The de Medicis have been a powerful family in Italy. This family provided several Popes including Leo XI, Clement VII, and Leo X. The Merovingian Dynasty provided Pope Stephen IX.

Jewish literature today brags about how the Marranos in Spain were able on a large scale to pretend to accept Catholicism.4 Actually, the Catholic Church set itself up for what happened. To give a specific example, that is representative of what took place in Catholic Europe, the city of Toledo may be presented.

Todelo was one of the main centers of Illuminism.5 On May 24, 1485 the Spanish Inquisition came to Toledo. A Time of Grace was given to the Jews to convert before violence would start. It appears that 3,000 Sephardic Jews became "conversos" during the periods of Grace given them.6 It is likely that the Toledo

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