Building Us Corporate Strength

One economist has said that the International Financiers are using their economic muscle to build U.S. Corporate strength. This was done by tax incentives for stock, while taking away tax incentives for second properties. Interest rates were manipulated by the Fed, which drove people to turn to stocks rather than leaving money in Bank accounts. Employee Retirement Plans which place their funds into stocks furthered the corporate financial strength.

American and Foreign Corporations believing the New World Order is the wave of the future are getting onto the bandwagon and participating with the World Order's program. It is not important whether they have studied H.G. Wells. Nor is it important that they have or haven't studied Kenichi Ohmae. The probabilities are very strong that those that read in business have read something promoting the One-Worlder's economic ideas, because such literature has been authored by hundreds of men and is practically everywhere, and so many leaders are spouting it.

What is sad, is that the Christian community is being deceived even while this New One World Economic Order is so blatant and extensive. For instance, in the book A Crash Course On The New Age, a popular Christian book supposedly informing the Christians about the New Age, the author redicules Constance Cumbey for connecting H.G. Well's ideas with the New Age. He asks how many scientists of the world today have read Well's The Open Conspiracy. This is misleading in several ways. First, The Open Conspiracy is not the primary book of H.G. Wells being used as a guide for the economics of the One-World-Order, he wrote a number. Second, these people have think-tanks with some of the greatest minds in the world massaging ideas on how to bring in the One-World-Order, they aren't relying on H.G. Wells. Third, since Wells, there have been hundreds of men who have written books on the subject, for instance, a scientist could have read The Borderless World, Power and Strategy in The Interlinked Economy or dozens of other recent titles. So many economists, speakers etc. are lecturing on it, it is hard not to hear about it. Fourth, it doesn't matter if the technicians and scientists have read anything on this subject or heard anybody talk about it. What Wells was suggesting was that the day to day decisions would recide with specialists. That is being done today, just as Wells pointed out that it was being done in his day, only it is now done on a greater scale as he had envisioned. It doesn't require the specialist to see the big picture for them to do their job. By handing over the control of everything in our lives to specialists, power will be taken out of the hands of the people. Wells liked the idea, because it is almost impossible to argue with a specialist.

This author would like to point out the abuses of such a world. In a divorce, a guardian-at-liadem for the minors is appointed to determine who should gain custody of the children. Supposedly such a person knows best—but many actual cases show that the guardian-at-liadems know very little about the cases they are handling.

Another abuse, is that specialists called psychiatrists make judgements about people for the courts that seriously affect the outcomes of the court cases and the sentencing. These psychiatrists are frequently unbalanced people themselves, and their judgements are too often devoid of even common sense. At least in listening to many conversations at coffee breaks, etc. one gets the distinct impression most people regard it rediculous for a criminal to get off by claiming insanity.

More and more the specialists, the experts, are the System's people, who are indoctrinated with the One-World-Power's propoganda, and who are increasingly making decisions based on a very narrow outlook that they have received from the Power's sources such as the System's T.V. and public educational system.

Studies by the two top scientists in the field of global warming have shown that there has been no global warming between 1935-1990. But the system has its own specialists, and consequently there have been numerous international conferences and activities about Global Warming. Why?

because the Power wants to stampede us into thinking that unless a One-World-Power is created

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Fundamentals of Magick

Fundamentals of Magick

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