British Intelligence United Kingdom

Chiefs, Secret Intelligence Service (MI-6) lAdmiral Mansfield Smith-Cumming 1 Oct.l909-1919(or 23) (born Mansfield

George Smith)

2.Admiral Sir Hugh Sinclair (Autumn 1923?)-4 Nov.1939

3.Major General Sir Stewart Menzies 4 Nov. 1939-1953

4.(?)Lord Victor Rothschild. O 1953

5.Major General Sir John Sinclair1953-56

6.Sir Dick Goldsmith White ^ 1956-69 7.Sir John Rennie 1969-73

8.Sir Maurice Oldfield 1973-78

9.Arthur Franks 1978-82

10.Colin Figures 1982

Directors-General, Security Service (MI-5)

1. Major General Sir Vernon Kell # 1909-40

2. Sir David Petrie 1940-46 Knight of Grace of St. John of Jerusalem

3. Sir Percy Sillitoe 1946-53

4. Sir Dick Goldsmith White?;fc 1953-56

5. Sir Roger Henry Hollis # 1956-65 Russian Spy

6. Sir Martin Furnival Jones 1965-72

7. Sir Michael Hanley 1972-79

8. Sir Howard Truyton Smith 1979-81 John Lewis Jones 1981—

Directors, Government Communications Headquarters(GCHQ)

1. Commander Alastair Deniston 1939-42

2. Commander Sir Edward Travis 1942-?

3. Brigadier Richard Gambier-Parry ?-1952

4. Sir Eric Jones 1952-60

5. Sir Clive Lochnis 1960-64

6. Sir Leonard Hooper 1965-73

7. Sir Arthur Bensall 1973-78

8. Sir Brian Tovey 1978-83

9. Peter Marychurch 1983-

Directors-General, Defence Intelligence Staff(DIS)

1. Major General Kenneth Strong 1964-66

2. Air Chief Marshal Alfred Earle 1966-73

3. Admiral Sir Louis Le Paily 1973-75

4. Marshal John Aiken 19755. Vice Admiral Sir Roy Holliday

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