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This opposition may take the form of subtle sophisticated ridicule of the titles, costuming, archaic ritual or public ceremonies of the Craft, but, engaged in conversation that same clergy will finally out with the truth; he simply does not like the competition for the lives of his good people.

The author and his wife entertained regional officers of the ministerial group of his religious organization on the same day one of the pastors had conducted a funeral that had Masonic graveside services. This pastor expounded, at length, on the absurdity of these "fat little men running around the grave with their aprons, books and sticks." Another pastor, who had been called upon to address an Easter morning service at a Scottish Rite Temple started in on his reactions to grown men in costumes, etc. But as the conversation went on it became very apparent that their real objection was the "competition" at these crucial times—burial and Easter festival.

The author, who was at the time, a Grand Chaplain, slipped out of the room and clothed himself in apron and jewel of his office and returned. His entrance was met with absolute silence and then with many, many questions. The ensuing discussion proved, without exception, that all non-Masonic clergy present really resented and feared the competition they felt existed in the sense of loyalty their people gave to Masonry and its allied organizations.

The Rev. R. H. Kendrick of Springfield, Massachusetts, writes:

In my own personal experience 1 have not knowingly come across those who oppose Masonry because they believe it to be another religion. Rather the attitude of most of the clergy with whom 1 have talked is one of mild opposition on the supposition that it keeps men from church. There is some truth in this, 1 do believe, especially when you think of those who are going through the chairs. On the other hand we know that there are many, men in Masonry who wouldn't be active church members if they were not Masons.

Few non-Masonic clergy have any idea of the large number of their active supporters who are members of the Fraternity. They are aware unfortunately, of those Masons who use their Masonic affiliation (if such really exists) to serve as an excuse against any participation in the ongoing of life in a positive creative manner. If a man's life and work proves that he is indeed living up to the ideals as taught by Masonry, then 1 know of no clergy who would really resent his presence or the presence of Masonry in the life of that man, whether that person be in or out of a religious institution.

Many a man owes his beginning in depth of spiritual growth to the lodge. If this be an insult to Organized Religion—then let it stand as such. Rather it is a compliment to the Fraternity and to the Organized Religious body in which Masons may affiliate—Masonry has started them on their journey towards light and in their search they have found light in other places; have recognized it and are using it to shed upon their journey.

W. A. E. Johnson, D.D., Superintendent of the Methodist Church, Barbourville, Kentucky:

There are more than 100,000 Freemasons in Kentucky and I have never known a man among them who has not been a deeply religious man, especially those who have occupied high offices.

This same viewpoint is extended of course, to the youth organizations that affiliate with the Masonic lodge in most communities. This author has served as advisor to the Order of DeMolay and can testify to that excellent group. His wife has served in Job's Daughters and many of the young ladies from his congregation have been in the Order of Rainbow. It is time that these groups are seen, not as competition, but as allied organizations, as Dr. Billy Graham said:

I find two kinds of young people today. First (and least important) are those given to rebellion and violence. We have always had those, even as far back as Cain and Abel. These vow to annihilate the "middle class" morality and ethic, and to toss away the time-honored traditions and ideals of yester year. But happily, this group is a tiny minority, with more noise than influence. Then, there are thoughtful, concerned young people—who seek to correct the errors in moral navigation that have been made by their elders, intelligently and responsibly. There are the young people upon which the hope of America's future rests and DeMolays are part of this group. . . . May God richly bless all DeMoIays as they continue their good work.

The Reverend William Clyde Donald of Fenton, Michigan, wrote a very astute article on the relationship of Organized Religion to the youth organizations as sponsored by Masonry:

In relationship to youth the Masonic lodge has a great advantage in one respect over the church. The church is interested in youth, but as a rule its dealing with youth is confined rather largely to the youth in the families in relationship with that church. Masonry (through its youth program) can minister unto youth in the community regardless of their family church relationships. Masons meet as Masons, not as Methodist or Presbyterian, etc. Their sons and daughters and their friends of their children can come and receive training that will build them into stalwart citizens. The DeMolay, Order of Rainbow, and Jobs Daughters give Masons and the Eastern Star a great opportunity to train youth to believe in and have great faith in the Creator and Sus-

Exhibit B. When the personal secretary to Jeanne Dixon, Alice Braemer became a Christian,

Alice photocopied this letter that Billy Graham sent Jeanne Dixon. This letter sent by Billy

Graham to Jeanne Dixon calls her a "woman of God". Also enclosed are items concerning Alice

Braemer and her knowledge that the New World Order funnelled money to Billy Graham through Jeanne Dixon. His staff picked up a check monthly.

By NONA DEARTH Patriot LtdMf Stoft R«osr!»r

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