Be Not Unequally Yoked With Unbelievers

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Scriptures admonishing us not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers is written in the context of Christians being called to holiness, rather than the subject of who one should marry.

There are scriptural principles that teach us not to be dependant upon the ungodly, but to be self-sufficient within the limits of faith.

If we decide to preserve our holiness and our self-sufficiency then we must create our own communities or close-knit groups. This advice is contrary to what Christians are being advised to do by their big name popular leaders today- yet it is what the scriptures actually steer us into. This is why the early church held all things in common. They did this not because communism is the only way, but that in their situation it was how they expressed their community. Other NT churches had close-knit groups without having all things in common.

If Christians want to increase their resistence to the Power, then creating Christian communities is one of the strongest ways. Divide and conquer is an old tactic. The Christians have been deceived by their leaders that to be isolated in the world is a virtue. These poor shepherds scatter their sheep by distorting the meaning of the scripture, "We are in the world." They falsely imply that Christians in Christian communities aren't in the world.

It is difficult for Christians to build each other up if they only see each other during a sermon on Sunday morning. When Paul speaks about "renewing of your mind" (Rom 12) he is speaking in a corporate sense, that is a body of believers is being called to develop the mind of Christ in a corporate sense. I Cor 12:14-26 actually teaches that Christians can not function effectively by theirselves, but receive their meaning in life through a corporate structure.

"Accept him whose faith is weak, without passing judgment on disputable matters" (Rm 14:1) "Brothers, if a man is trapped in some sin, you who are spiritual should restore him gently. But watch yourself; you also may be tempted" (Gal 6:1) These two scriptures show that the emphasis was not to be on doctrinal maturity but morality. So often in today's churches people are branded heretics for doctrinal differences, while immorality is ignored. Again the whole concept of the church as a holy body has been lost, and replaced with an organization that is an incorporated business. The people in control of the business feel their power challenged if someone disagrees with them. The organism has been replaced with an organization. For instance, this Author knows JWs who committed somewhat gross sins but their sins didn't challenge the power structure of the JW power pyramid. On the other hand, some JWs were booted out for the most minor doctrinal deviances.


Modern preachers today are telling us to plant money seeds, set goals, get motivation, visualize, to speak in tongues, to be powerful and a whole list of things we are to do. However, God's message is the same as it has always been, "Seek ye first the righteousness of God and all these things shall be added unto you." However, most of today's "Christians" including their well-paid famous ministers have no idea of what it means to seek the righteousness of God. To live the righteousness of God means to be unworldly. The world is generally doing the exact opposite of what is God's will, consequently the Christian who lives the correct life must stick out as different. However, our so-called Christian leaders are trying to get Christians to blend with their unrighteous environment rather than to be holy.

"Now the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace in believing, that ye may abound in hope, through the power of the Holy Spirit." Rm 15:13

"For we are saved by hope: but hope that is seen is not hope for what a man seeth, why doth he yet hope for?" Rm 8:24

Hope is a virtue. It is something that only God really gives. The breastplate to protect the Christian is righteousness. Part of that righteousness is to have the virtue of hope.

Hope is a vital feature of our victory over the New World Order. Hope is a teaching that the Christian churches are almost forgetting. How many times have you heard someone preach that we are saved by HOPE ?

We have made great efforts, and wasted great sums in trying to evangelize. Much of our efforts were misguided, but the Lord loves us anyway. He sees that like little children we are trying to help in our own little way. However, God will save the world and Lord Willing evangelize it in a way that will display His power and glory, and will leave things totally clear in the minds of everyone that He himself was the one who wrought it.

Rather than getting caught up in our own efforts to evangelize the world, and to fight the New World Order, let us work out our salvation with fear and trembling toward our Creator. Let us have a radiant hope that He will choose a method at some point to display His glory. His method to accomplish it will be miraculous and will humble all our feeble efforts. Too much of what we have done has been our own ministries. For instance, this book's manuscript has basically been ignored and gone unread by many Christians to who this Author has offered the manuscript to. That includes Christians that supposedly are out there trying to fight the New World Order. That is what my ministry amounts to. The Lord has given me this project - if He wants to do something with it, He can. But it will be done in a way that the Lord of the Universe gets the glory.

We should not be concerned about numbers. Numbers mean little to God. He can win with a few dedicated servants, he can win with no dedicated servants, he can win with many dedicated servants. But you yourself are not going to personally win unless you are a dedicated servant.

Do what the Lord gives you to do with all your heart and soul and mind. Love your Lord and keep that attitude of hope that is a sure expectation. Be prepared that the real victory will be brought about by God alone, He simply wants us to experience the spiritual fruits of walking in faith and trust. We will see the death of the visions He gives us, but if we do not lose hope, we will see those same visions accomplished in His time, through a miraculous God-glorifying way.


You are faced with a choice of two kingdoms. You will be increasingly called upon to serve Satan's New World Order. You may not now be aware that Satanists are running it at the top and that every 28 years they have personally received instructions from Satan on how the New World Order is to constructed. However, it will become increasingly clear that mankind is being led to destruction and slavery, and it will become increasingly clear who and what kind of power controls the New World Order. It will be increasingly harder for men to free themselves of the New World Order's power. Now is the time to choose freedom. The sooner the better.

In order for us to understand what the choices are before us, we must have some historical perspective on today's situation. This paper will also reveal in a powerful way, the details of what both choices mean for the world. Perhaps, one of the easiest ways to understand historically what has happened is to show history as a giant game of move and countermove.

There is a cosmic chess game going on between the Master and his experienced adversary with its attending moves and countermoves.

This chart/paper has been constructed to give the Master's disciples an understanding of the Master's moves so that you can maintain your expectation, your hope of His victory. Hope in the Master's final victory is important, least we lose hope, then lose courage, and turn our backs on our adversary.

The Master's disciples will also see what the adversary's game plan is, so they can anticipate what the adversary and the Master will be doing. The adversary's moves will seem utterly destructive and devastating to the Master's plans, actually they are simply a rehash of items that the adversary has tried before. Reviewing history is of value in realizing how the adversary has tried these moves before.

The adversary so hates the Master that he wants everything that the Master has done to be ruined and destroyed, and replaced by the glory of his own reputation and power. He will overextend himself and allow the Master to checkmate him, because he has self-deluded himself into overconfidence, and is too fixed on destroying the Master's reputation, not to mention he does not begin to compare with the Master's brilliance nor power. The adversary's reputation is a sham, a mask. He is really a paper dragon against the Master's brilliance.

A short review of the moves to date.


THE MASTER'S MOVE #1. God creates man to have dominion over the earth, and to have fellowship with him. He creates within man the special capability for genuine free-will love.

THE ADVERSARY'S COUNTERMOVE #1. Satan promises man godhood through knowledge. This knowledge is promised if man will stop limiting himself by obeying the Master's "narrow-minded" rules.

THE MASTER'S MOVE #2. God allows man to rebel. After all his original purpose was to create a free-will agent who would freely love Him. God must maintain his holiness from sin and imperfection, and so he separates himself from fellowshipping with sinful man. He provides mankind an alternative, an alternative that he has with foresight prepared for the situation from the beginning. This alternative is universal redemption through Christ, and the redemption may be appropriated ahead of time. God allows Satan to set himself up as ruler of the world. Through Satan's evil efforts, a pure group of men and women who are perfect and love their creator will be identified.

THE ADVERSARY'S COUNTERMOVE #2. The Adversary must prevent mankind from appropriating the promised redemption. The Adversary and his demons have intercourse with the female of mankind and create Nephalim. (Nephalim can still be found today. They are the Guardians of the Satanic covens, which ex-Satanists speak about so dreadfully with fear.) Mankind is completely terrified into submission to demonic world rule, and is unable to defend themselves from Satanic slavery.

THE MASTER'S MOVE #3. God destroys the world. He saves righteous Noah and deals with the Nephalim and the demons. Righteousness is given another chance to take root within mankind, and the bloodline continues to produce the hoped for Savior of mankind.

THE ADVERSARY'S COUNTERMOVE #3. Satan again entices mankind with himself and what mankind can achieve. Because Satan is not an attractive alternative when men have all the facts between the two choices of either the Master's rule or the Adversary's rule, the choices must be camoflouged. Man is told that nothing is beyond his capability, he must only unite, create a giant U.N. building, and centralize all power world wide into a single world-wide government. But man must exclude God in his attempts to elevate himself.

THE MASTER'S MOVE #4. God turns their U.N. building, what is known as the Tower of Babel, into a monument to man's folly for trying to elevate mankind in disobedience to his Creator. The languages are confounded to prevent man from unifying. The nations, states, and tribes are created by God to form a barrier to prevent evil from unlimited growth, thereby limiting Satan's ability to rule the earth.

THE ADVERSARY'S COUNTERMOVE #4. Satan repeatedly lashes out to destroy the bloodline that will bring Salvation. Not only does he try to prevent this Salvation by enslaving and eliminating the bloodline, he also begins creating his own false bloodline through the tribe of Dan. This bloodline will be used in the last days, to raise a false Messiah.

THE MASTER'S MOVE #5. Salvation comes to man. The lamb of God, who takes away the sin of the world and who brings redemption for all mankind, carries out his mission.

THE ADVERSARY'S COUNTERMOVE #6. The Adversary cruelly crucifies the Savior of mankind, and for several hundred years those serving Satan, such as the Roman Senate, report how Christ was crucified. It takes several centuries for the Adversary to realize how successfully he has been outsmarted, and that rather than destroying the Savior, God has won the biggest victory yet. Much later after his defeat is quite visible, Satan will counter-attack by trying to lead mankind to believe that Christ was never crucified.

•Primary goal of Satan today: bring all authority under his direct contol.

•Primary goal of God today: God already has all authority and dominion, however creation is in disobedience, and is being brought back into obedience in God's timing according to His words. Every thought in heaven and earth are to come into obedience to Jesus Christ.

A short discussion of Satan's primary goal. In order to bring all authority under his power, Satan must destroy all authority which might conceivably be used by God. This means that respect for all other authorities is being attacked, whether this authority is the authority of churches, teachers, parents, or national governments. Respect for scientific truth is being replaced with an occult-based science dependent on intuition and demonic control. Satanism's control has been greatly helped by the communications advancements in recent years, some of these inventions can historically be shown to have been handed to mankind by demons. What might be called "Operation Black Widow" is under way. It is a final big push by satanists to gain access to all secrets and to kill and replace people of power worldwide with Satanism's own people. Satanic plans to destroy the world's economies, to create wars and all kinds of crises and calamities are designed to create the desire and love of mankind for a another Hitler-like dictator over the world who will resolve these Satanic created crises for mankind.

A short discussion of God's primary goal. There are nominal "Christians" who have mislabelled themselves for they are not part of God's kingdom. These are often agents of the Adversary. God is well aware of these subversives, but He has indicated that he will permit them until the harvest.1 The harvest period is beginning.2 In order to have a complete harvest, the good news of the Kingdom will be preached to all the nations.3 The period before the final harvest is extended to give the body of Christ's true believers time to increase.4 The body of Christ has been an important goal of God since the beginning.5 The Kingdom of God is built only on the foundation of Christ.6 In order to insure that this foundation is built properly, a shaking will take place7 and a burning baptism of fire.8 The arrogant and doers of evil will be burned up.9 As the light of truth shines brighter Christians must also be content to see the shadows of darkness increase in intensity. The twilight of today where the issues seem clouded with a great deal of grey will be separated into severe darkness and severe brightness. The harvest is not simply a harvest of good, but of the thousands of years of evil too. A lot of evil has been planted by the Adversary that will come to fruition. God has promised man that whatever he sows, that shall he also reap.10 God is not going to contradict that, and intervene to save man from the evil that is coming to full bloom. God describes this as "The ungodly and untaught will their own destruction."11 In other words, God knows that- give evil enough rope and it will hang itself. God has given all mankind salvation, but many are rejecting it through unbelief and their sins unto spiritual death. Mankind is rejecting God—not the other way around.

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