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A perusal of Summit University course material shows that the astrology information that CUT teaches its Fraternity of Keepers of the Flame is the same type of astrological items that others have taught before. The extra meanings assigned the various 12 signs can also be found in the Mason Manly P. Hall's book The Secret Teachings of All Ages. Both CUT and Masonry use Astrology as a way to get people interested in their teachings. The first three degrees of Masonry are called the Blue Lodge because the color blue is associated with the skies and astrology.


Masonic Source that matches CUT teachings- "50. "The force of the obligation is therefore in the obligation and not in the reason. As a matter of fact, the real reason is scientific to the last analysis; scientific to a degree beyond the penetration, up to the present time, of the 'radiant matter' of the Roentgen Ray of Modern Science. The Word concerns the science of rhythmic vibrations, and is the key to the equilibrium of all forces and to the harmony of Eternal Nature." <#47. Ancient Mystic Oriental Masonry, p.48.>

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The Art Of Astrology

The Art Of Astrology

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