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It is true that there are several centers of power upon the earth. However, these groups have made alliances and together create the New World Order. A One-World-Government already exists. Even though the world is ruled by a secret world government, the world has not willingly consented to this. H.G. Wells, who spent his life planning how this One-World-State would come into power and function, fully expected today's situation in his timetable, "The World Council was in effective possession of world power, but not in unchallenged possession. Even in 2000 C.E., nineteen-twentieths of mankind were still unassimilated to the organization. If the world was not rebellious it was mutinous, and there were plenty of alert and intelligent people in opposition, ... to the reconditioning of human affairs on Modern State lines. "12

The reader is familiar with how two royal blood lines can be joined by marriage, to produce a new royal blood line containing both lineages. This principle has been used a great deal in creating the unified One-World-Government of today.

The Black Nobility is a group of nobility that traces back to the Roman Emporers. Many of the royality of Europe belong to the Black Nobility. The Knights of Malta are one of the Black Nobility's secret orders. The Order of the Knights of Malta helps continue the cohesion of the Nobility as a group. This Black Nobility have formed an alliance with two major groups, the Jewish blood line of the House of David, and the group of International Bankers who are practicing Satanism. The merging of these three groups has created a unity called the New World Order. A host of other organizations are built upon this nucleus. Freemasonry is one of the fundamental ones.

The Jewish blood line (considered to be not only the House of David but to contain the Royal blood line of Jesus) has been preserved by the secret order the Prieure de Sion.

The Satanists have been actively working through groups that are illuminized. There are groups are called the Illuminati. There are also individuals (usually at the head of gnostic religious groups--see chapter 1.3) who are Illuminati. One main Rosicrucian group is called the Church of Illumination.

The three groups- the Black Nobility, the Satanists, and the claimed Blood Line of Jesus- have an outer group of about 500 men who assemble once a year. This group is nicknamed the Bilderbergers. Although the heads of some of the largest newspapers attend, and their meetings are newsworthy, the media do not cover their supersecret meetings. (More about the Bilderbergers in chapter 2.12.)

The center of power geographically recides in Great Britian.13 That does not mean New York, Zurich, Rome, Paris and Moscow, etc. aren't important. These cities also are centers of their power.

Through a vast number of organizations the world has been brought under their control. Some of their organizations like the Boy Scouts or the Order of the Antelope14 play little part in the control of humankind and their construction of a one-world-religion. While others like the Order of the B'nai B'rith and the Order of the Skull and Bones play major roles. The One-World-Power has used and is using foreign cults and secret societies that Americans rarely hear about like the Hung and Triad secret societies in China, and the Tenri Kenjukai in Japan.

As a reference to help the reader get started a list of some major groups is now provided. (This author has files on hundreds of organizations and sects. The number of religous groups and secret fraternal organizations, and New Age organizations started by the One-world-power is simply fantastic. See chapter 2.9. for a chart showing some.)


the Order of B'nai B'rith- Although its strictly Jewish membership is not secret anymore, the inner workings at the top are. It's purpose is to organize, unify, and direct the Jewish people. It also directs Christian clergymen and Freemasons at times. Its militant arm is the JDL and ADL. It also has Hillel and some other all-Jewish organizations included in its membership. Although it claims to represent all jews, it has promoted the liberal "Reformed" Jewish movement. The Order has around 500,000 members and 3,500 local lodges.

the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn- An illuminated Satanic group that worked with the German Thule Society, related to the O.T.O. Reportedly directed by the Rothschild family. (See chapter 3.3) This was a branch of the Masonic Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia. Many groups developed from the Golden Dawn including Stella Matutina (Morning Star). The Morning Star is Lucifer.

Grand Council of Allied Masonic Degrees (AMDGC)- The council controls the various allied degrees. It works fourteen degrees: Royal Ark Mariner, Secret Monitor, Knight of Constantinople, Grand Tyler of Solomon, Red Branch of Eri, Ye Ancient Order of Corks, and other degrees. It's subordinate groups are called councils.

Grand Orient- This is a type of Masonry which is almost global, but based in Europe. It is blatantly occultic, and sponsors revolutions. It maintains strong ties with all the other branches of Masonry incl. British Masonry. The French Grand Orient is the mother lodge directing other G.O. in other countries. Funds for the assassination of the Archduke in 1914 travelled from Paris to Rome between the Grand Orients on behalf of the Alliance Israelite Universelle.15

the Group- Based at Oxford University, this group's initiates form part of the Illuminati's British elite.

Jason Society- A branch of the Order of the Quest, this secret group is extremely powerful in the United States. Some of its men sit on MJ-12, the body that rules the United States for the New World Order.

Jesuits, the Society of Jesus- This is the Catholic branch of the Illuminati. Black masses are performed at the higher levels. Only the higher echelons are aware of the Illuminati contacts. There are about 28,000 Jesuits worldwide. They have been primary agents to change Christianity into Marxism through Liberation Theology.

Knights of Malta- This order preserves the cohesion of the "Black" nobility, the European aristocracy that dominated Europe for many centuries, the head family traces itself back to the Roman emperors. Not all Knights of Malta members have connections to the Black nobility though, only about half of the 10,000 members are Black nobility. (Another Black nobility group in Europe is the Club of Rome with a small select group of about 75.) Typically, U.S. Govt.envoys to the Vatican are Knights of Malta.

Mizraim Rite (of Freemasonry) and the Prieure de Sion (Priory of Zion)- These two closely related groups are guarding the lineage of a future messiah to rule the world. The Mizraim Rite is almost exclusively jwish. The Prieure de Sion is primarily in Scotland, Britian, U.S., Canada, and France. France has about 43 members, of the 9,731 members. The Prieure de Sion is divided into the Legion (charged with the Apostolate) and the Phalange (charged with the guardian of the tradition.) The Prieure de Sion has nine levels of initiation.

Palladium Rite- A secret rite that extends globally. This superrite is sold out to Lucifer and controls Freemasonry behind the scenes. Both men and women are members. Its triangles (lodges) are in the major cities.

Independent Order of Oddfellows- This group is designed for the lower classes and minorities. Because its members are not often in powerful positions, it functions less as a powerhouse fraternity than does Freemasonry, but places more emphasis on the occult for the lower levels.

Order of the Quest- This is the group in charge of preserving their plan for world domination. (The name used here for this order is the one Manly P. Hall used for it, it-- like other groups-- most likely it has an esoteric name also.) Several groups mentioned in this list play important roles for the Order of the Quest.

Scroll & Key Fraternity- Based at Yale, this is a secondary group which also provides some leadership for the Illuminati along with Wolf's Head.

Skull & Bones Order (Russell Trust)- Based at Yale, this group is one source of American leadership. It is part of the larger "Brotherhood of Death." Exactly 15 members are added each year. (Previous to 1860 the number initiated varied.) There are about 600 active members currently. In the last 150 years about 2500 Yale graduates have been initiated into this super-secret society. Some members, perhaps exceptions, have been initiated away from Yale. Most are descended from the early Puritan families, and are tied to the Unitarian/Universalist movement. These older S&B families have formed blood alliances with wealthy families such as the Rockefellers. (See Chapter 2.3)

Thule Society- Based in Germany, this group was the primary German Illuminati group prior to W.W. II. This Society recruited German leaders including Adolf Hitler who they placed in charge of their Nazi party. Their symbol was the swastika, which was then also used by their daughter organization the Nazi party. Saturn was an important god, so their lodges met on Saturday. It was associated with the Prussian Freemasonic Lodges which were opposed to the western or Jewish Masonic lodges.

York Rite Sovereign College (the YRSC)-- A partial supreme council for the York Rite, organized into at least 57 colleges. Membership is by invitation only, and the insignia of the order is the pentagon. It's has an annual "General Assembly", and headquarters in Detroit, MI.


For a listing of other Masonic Organizations (for white Masons) see the next page.

[FIG. 5- needs to be computer drawn somehow -5x7.5

[Description FIGURE 5 -simplified diagram of orders & rites of Masonry- see diagram]


Ancient Egyptian Order of Sciots

Ancient Order of Knights of the Mystic Chain

Conference of Grand Masters of Masons in N.A.

The Convent General Knights of the York Cross of Honour

Daughters of the Eastern Star

Daughters of Mokanna

Daughters of the Nile, Supreme Temple Federation of Masons of the World

George Washington Masonic National Memorial Association

Grand College of Rites of the USA

Grottoes of North America

Heroes of '76

Heroines of Jerico

High Twelve International

Independent Order of Owls

International General Grand Council of Royal and Select Masters

International Order of Job's Daughters

International Order of Rainbow Girls

International Supreme Council of World Masons, Inc.

Jason Society

Knights of the Globe

Ladies Oriental Shrine of North America

Masonic Life Association

Mutual Guild of Grand Secretaries

The National League of Masonic Clubs

National Sojourners, Inc.

The Order of Amaranth

Order of the Bath

Order of the Builders

The Order of the Constellation of Junior Stars

The Order of DeMolay

Order of Desoms

Order of Eastern Star

Order of the Golden Key

Order of the Knight Masons

The Order of the White Shrine of Jerusalem The Philalethes Society Royal Order of Jesters

Social Order of the Tall Cedars of Lebanon




The following pages will discuss selected aspects of the history and development of Freemasonry and related groups. These selections will help you to understand the story of the New World Order.

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