An Interruption

Why does the Sanhedrin of the Bilderbergers mess around with installing and deposing men like Richard Nixon, rather than just ruling themselves? Because they want happy slaves. Just like the Nazis with their pretend bath showers, they don't want to rock the boat. They have to stay on plan. Their plans call for a step-by-step progression into the New World Order. The time is here, everything is in place to begin their New Slave State.

I have expected the reader to keep his courage up as he reads this—for those that want information on how to cope read chapter 3.10. They have never won, until you and I give up.

The building of this One World Slave State will be done systematically. How many Jews resisted the Nazis? How many Poles resisted the Nazis? It was hard because things happened in a controlled step by step progression. Before the Jews were shipped, they were herded into Ghettos. (Yes—I believe Jews were killed, I don't believe the exaggerated figures, but I have seen too much evidence not to believe it happened.) What was there to stop the Nazis from carrying out what they had promised to do? And what is to stop the New World Order? Can they break your spirits?—only if you let them. Can they win? only when we the people give up and declare them victors. Can you survive? Did people survive W.W. II concentration camps? Did some people escape going to concentration camps? Enough pep talk. This chapter is to give the reader a feel for how the different components of the New Order are working together.


Chart 1: Illuminati Objective-destroy all authority Chart 2: Illuminati Objective-maintain illuminati authority Chart 3: Illuminati Objective-abolish family life & marriage

Several charts have been provided to give an overview how the goals of the Illuminati, which have been known since the 18th century, have been carried out by the cooperation of a multitude of various Illuminati-controlled branches. This may seem hair-brained that various components work together, but it is confirmed by witnesses(ex-participants) to this Author, and the Power's own plans which have at various times been discovered. Further, the historical record upon close scrutiny backs it up.

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