Americas Concentration Camps

What do Allanwood, PA, El Reno, Ok., Florence, AZ, Tule Lake, CA, Mill Point, W.V., Greenville, S.C., Maxwell Air Force Base, AL, David Munson Air Base, AR, Elmendorf (Eielson Air Base) AL, Avon Park, FL have in common?

These are places selected already to concentrate "enemies of the state."

What kind of people may be consider a threat?

"Principles of mental health cannot be successfully furthered in any society unless there is progressive acceptance of the concept of world citizenship." —1948 World Health Organization pamphlet. The Health, Education and Welfare department of the U.S. government by law now works with the U.N World Health Organization.

There is now on the books the laws to enforce that progressive acceptance. Are you ready for camp?

A basic premise of the Watchtower Society, the New Age Movement, and the rest of the gang cooperating to bring in a one-world-government is that man will elevate himself and solve his own problems. Simply put, these Gnostic systems are setting out to be as God. Who is their God? In large part they are substituting man himself for God. This causes them to believe that their will be an ethical unity worldwide. For to admit a permanent ethical disunity is to admit that mankind is not God, for God cannot be ethically divided against himself.

They will try to help unify the world ethically by shipping off religious troublemakers. Many will go to a secret mental hospital located in Alaska. If you want to know who will go to concentration camps, use Nazi Germany and Stalin's Russia as a foreshadowing. The same groups of people who financed Nazi Germany and Stalin's Russia rule the United States and the United Kingdom. As long as you pose no threat to their one-world-religion you may possible be lucky and survive, although there will undoubtedly be random arrests to pacify (read terrify) the populace into submission. They will have the legal authority and control over world events to justify whatever they do.

If the resources that already are in place today for use by the conspiracy are used the following could be the scenario you.

The President deciding the timing is right, and this will be a well-staged production, will declare a national emergency using Executive Order #11490.

A total restructuring of the United States will take place. New states (called federal regions) with capitals already picked out will be put into place. Troops already trained to take over state capitals, will put their training to use. A national police force will take over. These forces are already in existence and trained. The unit that will transport civilians to the camps is the 300th Military Police POW command. They will be assisted by Civil Affairs units which will assist in running the Government. Civil Affairs units are specially trained companies from a wide assortment of Army units.

After the Executive Order everyone will have to register at the Post Office. People will be assigned to jobs, and to work camps. The Dept. of Defense will be in control of all factories, national production, and services. The Commerce Dept. will be in charge of the distribution of all comodities, census information, and human resources. The Treasury Dept. will be responsible for the collection of all assets. The Dept. of State will be in charge of the concentration camps, at least the use of their slave labor. The General Services Administration would actually be in charge of confiscation of private property for government use. The Labor Dept. will be in charge of allocating manpower to where it is needed. The Transportation Dept. working with the military would have responsibility to move you to the concentration camp. They will in many areas do this by rail, which is why they have selected sites close to rail lines.

The two code names of the operations are Operation Cable Splicer (Army Civil Affairs Units take over) and Operation Garden Plot (the Martial Law program). The two operations go together. According to Deputy Attorney General of Calif., who was part of the program anyone who attacks the state—even verbally—is an enemy of the state.

A clearing house to unify the police of the various nations is already functioning in Rome.

The documentation of all this was originally collected by William R. Pabst, Houston, TX. According to one policeman, the lists of who to arrest have already been made up. He happened to see the lists.

Many observers have concluded the 35 military bases shut down around the United States are so that the New World Order will have a place to put the many people arrested in "drug sweeps." Those people will be put to work as slave labor to build more prisons, so that more people in turn can be arrested. The people that are indicating such things, are people with fairly good sources.

The Writ of Habeus Corpus has been amended to a legal appeal process that could take years. The exclusionary rule has been amended, the police now only need to show "good faith" rather than probable cause. This legalese means that they now have total police power. It is impossible to show that the police didn't have "good faith" whatever that is. It is somewhat akin to trying to disprove divorce on grounds of incompatibility—if one says you are incompatible, then you are, whether the other one disagrees. The Reco Act which allows the police to knock down doors, is just one more terrifying police power. HR-9-49 is a nightmare; it eliminated Cruel and Unusual punishment.

Step by step they have built their police state, and the American people have been watching their sit-coms and football games. It seems no amount of warning has stirred the American convictions that this is the Land of the Free that God has built, and forever will be. No matter how bad critics say the situation is, many Americans feel they should be ignored because the rest of the world is (they believe) worse off.

Marlene Smith, Christie Institute, Washington D.C. "We are going to see a massive amount of domestic repression and that's why moving on these impeachment proceedings (Sen. Henry B. Gonzalez's impeachment Bill against George Bush) become important. If we don't remove George Bush, we're going to see a wave of domestic repression unparalleled in the history of this country."

The program of repression is called FEMA. They have effectively sold it to the American people, because the American people are argueably perhaps the most deceived in the world. The deception has worked on the Americans because the facade of a "free press" has been maintained. This deception is far more sophisticated than the clumsy tactics in use in some countries, for too obvious control backfires.

The most effective method of travel, by air, is now so closely controlled that they have effectively squashed any future travel by those who oppose the New World Order. They sold this to the American people by creating terrorism. And every American interviewed at an airport when asked about the tight security measures said things such as, "Oh, yeah, I buy it. I feel safer because of the crackdown."1 Let the record show: Security measures—as in Maximum Security.

Those radio stations that have allowed talk hosts to speak about what the New World Order is actually doing have been squashed and taken off the air. This has happened for many years, but has intensified in this area particularly this year—1991.

President Carter created FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency.) Samuel Huntington of the Trilateral Commission had prepared the Presidential Review Memorandum 32 upon which the 1979 Executive Order establishing FEMA was based on. The agency has the Emergency Power to relocate millions of workers as it pleases, reorganize national industry and banking, and distribute all economic resources (rationing, etc.) and transportation. After it became operational it needed to be tested. The Three Mile Accident was, it seems, manufactured in order to let the agency test its wings. How else does one explain the mysterious nature of the accident, that investigators could not even locate whoever closed the valves of the backup cooling pumps which would have kept the reactor from overheating? Further, it is clear that the release of radiation was greatly blown out of proportion. But FEMA got their first chance to go into action.

Next, came the Cuban boat crisis. Again, the whole emergency was a very suspicious affair, and FEMA got the chance to test its abilities to relocate thousands of people throughout the U.S.

Canada was tested in Oct. 1970 when their Prime Minister Trudeau invoked the War Measures Act which suspends the Canadian Bill of Rights, and the people of Canada did not protest.

Unless more North Americans get information like this book, it appears that most people will not question a dictatorship taking over.

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