American Intelligence Cults

UNITED STATES Directors, National Reconnaissance Office(NRO)

1. Joseph V. Charyk 1960-63

2. Brockway McMillan 1963-65

3. Norman S. Paul 1965-67

4. Townsend Hoopes 1967-69

5. John L. McLucas 1969-73

6. James W. Plummer 1973-76

7. Hans Mark 1977-79

8. Robert J. Hermann 1979-81

9. Edward C. Aldridge Jr. 1981-

Directors, National Security Agency(NSA)

1. Lt.Gen. Ralph Julian Canine.USA

2. Lt.Gen. John Samford,USAF

3. Vice Adm.Laurence Frost,USN

4. Lt.Gen. Gordon Blake,USAF

5. Lt.Gen. Marshall S. Carter,USA

6. Vice Adm. Noel Gayler.USN

7. Lt.Gen. Samuel C. Phillips,USAF

9. Vice Adm. Bobby Ray Inman,USN

10.Lt.Gen. Lincoln D. Faurer, USAF

4 Nov.1952-Nov.1956 Nov.1956-Nov.1960

Nov.1960-30 June 1962

30 June 1962-1 June 1965 1 June 1965-1 Aug.1969

1 Aug.1969-24 Aug.1972 24 Aug.1972-15 Aug.1973 15 Aug.1973-15 July 1977

5 July 1977-10 March 1981 10 March 1981-

Directors, Central Intelligence Agency(CIA)

1. Rear Adm. Roscoe Hillenkoeter,USN 1947-50

2. General Walter Bedell Smith, USA

3. Allen W. Dulles,CFR

4. John A. McCone,CFR KM

5. Vice Adm.William F. Raborn, Jr.,USN 1965-66

6. Richard Helms,CFR

7. James R. Schlesinger,CFR

8. William Colby

9. George Bush,CFR,TC (mason)

10.Adm. Stansfield Turner,USN, CFR

11.William J. Casey,KM (began as a Catholic?)

1950-53(Feb.52 ?) (helped co-fd Bilderberger) 1953-61 (vice-chrmn ACUE) 1961-65

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