After Rutherford

The WT Society leaders continued their secrecy. Covington, even managed to succeed Rutherford as President and run the Society for a period without the rank and file Jehovah's Witnesses knowing about it. Nathan Knorr pushed him aside, and apparently that suited the Powers in control of things. Knorr, Covington, and Franz were to work together, but circumstances didn't really work out that way. Covington, not one of the annointed, theologically was a red herring. Yet, the Covington family is a prominant family within the Order, so he may have had strong support, at least temporarily.

At the Scottish Douglas Walsh Trial in 1954, we see Covington lying under oath. Another JW, named Hughes, asked the same question, gives the truth. What was the question? The question was whether the JWs use other groups buildings for their Kingdom Halls. The practice of using Masonic Halls and Oddfellows Halls was widespread. Covington was in the best position of anyone to know this. So why did he lie about it? Was this perhaps a sensitive issue?

The questions on page 381 of the trial transcript had touched on buildings rented for use as Kingdom Halls and what steps were taken to consecrate them. On page 382 of the trial transcript, the questioner asks, "Sometimes the Kingdom Halls are shared with other bodies or secular societies, aren't they? A. I do not know of any such cases where the actual hall itself is. I may say this, that Kingdom Halls of Jehovah's Witnesses are often to be found in commercial neighborhoods and in buildings where, say for instance, on the ground floor there might be a store."

However, the truth is that the JWs were using Masonic temples and lodges. In Grand Coulee, WA the Kingdom Hall was located on the bottom floor of the Oddfellows Hail, and while the JWs used the bottom floor, the Oddfellows would at times be conducting meetings above them. This lasted from about 1947 to 1952. Two of the Melbourne Kingdom Halls in Australia were Masonic lodges to begin with. The Kingdom Hall at 256 Murray Road, Pres Victoria, Austrailia had been a Spiritist church which was converted into a Kingdom Hall. While Covington only admits to a dedication of Kingdom Halls occuring, the truth is that this Spiritist church required the Spirits to be exorcised by the Jehovah's Witnesses before they could use it. Covington was privy to everything, having been the Society head legal guardian and its President and Vice-President.

A.F. Hughes, under oath apparently doesn't know the sensitivity of the issue for when he is asked, several questions about the Kingdom Halls leading up to the question, These Halls are sometimes owned by the Society? A. They are owned by the local congregation. Q. Or leased by the local congregation? A. Yes. Q. Or shared with others; outside agencies? A. Sometimes, yes, but that would only be where there is a small congregation that is not able to meet the costs for the time being. They would, of course, have the ultimate in mind that they would have a Kingdom Hall of their own. (Douglas Walsh Trial, p.626-627, 1954).

The Society has put out instructions that "Whether you own or rent your hall, it ought to be ... a proper representation of Jehovah's true worship." (Organization for Kingdom Preaching and disciple-making,1972, p.104) Today the Society is still using Masonic Halls for weddings where one of the spouses is not a Jehovah's Witness. Their use of Masonic and Oddfellow Halls for Kingdom Halls raises questions. Either, these places are proper representations of true worship according to the Society, or the Society has been quietly being hypocritical. This Author tends to believe that the JW top leadership is a Mason, so in that case, the close relationship between Kingdom Halls and Masonic Halls is not hypocritical.

The WT Jan. 15, 1958, p. 46 states " ... it is really the holy spirit that leads to the appointing of such overseers;" The Governing Body have issued other statements such as this, that lead one to believe that their decisions are made after prayerful consideration. Ray Franz, former Governing Body member, in his book Crisis of Conscience, pulls the cover off that false picture.

One mask though that has never been pulled off, is the Jewishness of Russell's religion. This book does that for the first time. In the twenties, it appears that some people began to catch onto the connections between the B'nai B'rith and the WT Society. Could this explain why the WT became anti-Zionist. Was this to hide their origins and their Jewishness, or was it because Rutherford had actually broken with the Society's Jewish backers?

It is an intriguing puzzle. The Jew Paul S.L. Johnson, who had forsaken being a nominal Lutheran minister and became a Bible Student, acted like he sincerely believed that he was to be Russell's successor. What is interesting is that 4 out of the 7 board of Directors of the WT Society also thought so. In fact, in the 1975 Yearbook, p.89 it explains that Johnson believed clear back in 1915 before Russell died that the mantle would be passed to him. The British office and the Kingdom Halls in the British South American colony of Guiana (see WT Oct. 1,83) went under Johnson's leadership. It was only by hard fisted manouevering that Rutherford gained control. It meant dismissing those men on the Board of Directors, who at the time didn't think Rutherford had the power to dismiss them. (The 73 Yearbook, pg.101 also gives details of the British events in this battle for control.) Rutherford gained control, but then he and his leadership ended up going to prison. Could it be that the Order did not want Rutherford in? Did Rutherford have to make a deal with them, or did he simply realize from there on that they had power?

One of the biggest smokescreens is the appearence the JW make of hating all religions. In reality, they attack only one religion in their literature—Christianity. They claim that their lack of work in India is that Hinduls are hard to deal with, but a close examination shows they have made almost no effort over the last 150 years to convert Hindus. The rank and file witness certainly has little affection for other religions, but his leadership has been careful to direct his hate toward only one group in particular—Christianity (called Christendom).

If the New Age Religion were to be capsulized into 7 teachings it could be reduced to the following seven identifying beliefs.

1. God is impersonal.

2. Christ is not Almighty God, but a good teacher.

3. Jesus is but one of many Christs.

4. Sin and evil do not exist.

5. Man should seek instruction from the spirit world.

6. All religious teachings are of merit, except those that are Christian and believe in absolute truth. Therefore the religious views of Egypt, Babylon, India and the Aztecs are held to be of value for us today.

8. The Jehovah's Witnesses have made repeated statements over the years that God is not personally involved in events. This is not just an insignificant idea in Watchtower theology—it is necessary because they declare that what is happening in the world is not the will of God. Because they have an incomplete understanding of the will of God they need to distance him completely from evil which they do not realize he has permitted.

9. The Jehovah's Witnesses are well known for their attacks on the divinity of Christ. If pressed, the JWs will declare he a god, a lesser God.

10.The Jehovah's Witnesses see a composite Christ class. Jesus Christ is merely the first of a class of exalted men.

4. The Watchtower Society has destroyed the Biblical concept of sin. This is accomplished very subtly. Sin is so trivial that sinful mankind is to receive a second chance and will teach itself how to overcome sin in the Millennium. The Christ class will live perfect lives without sin. Men on their own strength in a perfect environment will be able to attain perfection and sinlessness. (See Truth book, chapter 9, para. 4 as an example of this type of thinking.)

5. While condemning the occult to its followers, the Watchtower leaders have gone to the occult for enlightenment. For instance, Rutherford received his messages from fallen angels supposedly working out their redemption.

6. The WT Society does not accept all religions—in this it appears to disagree radically with other New Age groups. At least this Author thought so, until I scratched below the surface in researching the Watchtower Society. An indepth look at what the Watchtower Society has condemned shows that only lip-service has been given to the idea other religions are false. In reality, there is one exception, that is the only religion has been singled out and targeted for attack as the enemy is Christianity.

7. The Watchtower Society believes that ultimately mankind will elevate itself to Godhood.

Texe Marrs, although very scimpy on the proof, correctly placed the Watchtower Society in the camp of New Age religions in his book New Age Cults & Religions. It was one of the first Masonic New Age religions.

They have been preparing mankind for an alien rulership of 144,000 alien beings— known by Christians as demons.

This last charge—that the 144,000 will be demons is based on the following: demons have been supplying the WT leaders with guidance, and the Masonic Plans to bring in a world government include setting up a government of aliens to rule mankind. Understand that only the very selected top of the leadership realize this. The rank and file are taught to fear demons, and not to believe in aliens.

Several New Age channelers have told me (or someone who spoke with them have said) that the Hierarchy (the Spiritual Hierarchy that guide the occult, New Age, and Masonic groups) has been directing the Watchtower Society leaders, but that the Hierarchy has been having trouble bringing them into line. Apparently there is an effort to bring them into line. Share International Magazine, October 1988 has a article about Maitreya visiting Kingdom Halls. The article concludes, "Some Jehovah's Witnesses have had certain experiences as a result of Maitreya's presence among them which have led them to abandon an entrenced, 'ideological' position."

Another subtle indication that the Watchtower Society is moving its people toward a One-World-Religion is that they have been teaching their people what the other religions believe. Only Christianity has been singled out as a target for criticism and abuse. True, the Society hasn't approved of these other religions, but the idea of teaching their people what the other religions believe, is a new item and a step toward a possible assimilation. On the other hand, it could be postulated that the Hierarchy has lied to these channelers, and that also the New Agers are exaggerating Lord Maitreya's influence among the Kingdom Halls when he visits. Perhaps as some claim, the Watchtower isn't smart enough to criticize the Hindus. (Even the public papers criticized the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh— so that argument is very difficult to swallow.)


This question can be debated, however it is clear that all the fundamental important sacred concepts of Christianity have been attacked by this organization calling itself Christian. Why did they feel a deep seated need to eliminate Christ's name out of our dating system? Why have they felt such a deep seated need to attack the idea that Christ died on a cross. Let us examine their attack on the cross. This is a prime example of their anti-Christ anti-Christian bias.

For most people that Christ died on a cross is taken for granted. It is simply not an issue. And what difference does it make how exactly he died? It is a rare person who questions the idea he died on the cross, unless he is someone who has come under the influence of the Watchtower Society.

If the Christian wants to know how Christ died, the Scriptures are very clear—he died on a cross. A close reading tells us that. In Mt 27:37 it tells us that when Christ was being crucified they nailed the sign above his head. (If the WT is correct then the sign would have been above his hands as a stake would require.) It goes on to say in verse 38 that on his left hand was one robber and on his right hand's side was another. This is nonsense by WT drawings of Christ's hands tied above his head. In Jn 20:25, the resurrected Jesus talks about the prints of the nails in his hands. The WT Society has acknowledged that Num 21:9 is a picture of Christ's death. (For instance see What Has Religion Done For Mankind where they even portray this.) They also acknowledge in the Awake! May 22,1952 that flag banners were crosses in ancient times. The Hebrew word in Num 21:9 picturing and forecasting Christ's crucifixion is Nec which means a flag banner which in those days was a cross.

The mark placed on the foreheads of those saved (see Ez 9:4, also Rev 7:3) was called "tav" in Ez 9:4. The "tav" in Ezekiel's day was a cross shaped Hebrew letter. For this reason Christians in early times of Roman persecution made the sign of the cross on their foreheads.

Bottom line is that Gal. 6:14 states that the cross is important for Christians to glory and boast about. It is an important symbol. Does the Watchtower use their authority to glorify the cross? Do they instead glorify in the torture stake which they claim was used? NO. What truth loving Christian authority would attack Christianity so viciously as the Watchtower Society does concerning the cross, while ignoring so many Christian scriptures?

The real answer lies in the Watchtower leaders veiled hatred for Christ and his atoning work on the Christ. As with so many Masons who lead various religious groups they do not honor Christ in a Christian way.

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