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John Foster Dulles foe-fc. F., Cm y CF^ Christian Archibald Herter ft c pfL . ^ ^

George Magoffin Humphrey a T

Robert Bernerd Anderson M Charles Erwin Wilson

William Pierce Rogers • -

Arthur Ellsworth Summerfield ^ '

Frederick Andrew Seaton

Sinclair Weeks

James Paul Mitchell -

Marion Bayard Folsom .

Arthur Sherwood Flemming

JOHN FITZGERALD kennedy.d. ¿FK <<M Lyndon Baines Johnson,D. X^

Richard Milhous Nixon,R. - took. Cfi? Henry Cabot Lodge.R. cfr

Robert Strange McNamara u>ct ? Pres- st^OM*. . _

Robert Francis Kennedy cf ■ :

John A. Gronouski

Luther Hartwell Hodges ■

Arthur Joseph Goldberg $

Abraham Alexander Ribicoff .

Anthony Joseph Celebrezze

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End of Days Apocalypse

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