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Millenarian visions have been a global phenomenon. Secret societies which have continued the Ancient Mystery religion, have believed in the pagan idea of cycles, and reincarnation, which has as a part of its system of thought the revolution back to a Golden Age. The Pagan religious concepts of a Golden Age (the term is nowhere in the Bibleā€”but often in Classical Greek and Ancient Egyptian literature) have been easy to promote in Christendom, because of their close affinity to the Christian scriptures.

A present day example is Hans Hofer, who in 1985 came out with his book The Final War. Hans Hofer is Socialist with Fabian beliefs, whose mentor was the Fabian Bertrand Russell.1 From Germany, Hans now lives in Australia. His book is being pushed by some esoteric groups even now that the Iron Curtain has fallen in Eastern Europe. Let us read some snippets from his book that summarize his Fabian beliefs.

"...I still believe in a coming Golden Age, a time in which suffering is little, where justice prevails and where good men and women reign on this planet earth. This new Golden Age brings fulfillment and happiness to all who...understand the Law of Politics and

Economics...and accept other nations...and let them live their own way of life according to Nature's laws..."(The Final War, p.6)

"To know the Golden Age is coming is good, joyful news for those who have children that they want the best for."(p.7)

"All wars from the early beginning of mankind were nothing other than a selective process towards the will-be world leader. Until this process is complete, there will be no peace. Warfare goes on until only one is left, and this one will be world leader."

"Unless we have a world leader, a One World Government, there will be no peace, harmony, controlled trade or lasting prosperity."(p.9)

"...Therefore, all those wars have been nothing else than for the natural selection process for the Would-be World Leaders.1"(p. 11) "Now after this great struggle, the selection process towards World government, a new 'World Communism' will take over the world, which will be a far better system of communism." (p.32) "The U.S.S.R. will declare World Government before the year 2000." (p. 45)

For a much earlier instance of Millenialism a person can look at the Muenster affair where another Hofmann from Germany comes into view. Jewish, occultic influences with Jewish chilastic ideas within the Anabaptist movement produced the disasterous Muenster affair when a group of Anabaptists tried to set up a Millenial kingdom. This affair seriously discredited those Anabaptists which had nothing in common with the Muenster Anabaptists, even though there was not justification to associate the different groups for the Anabaptist in general publicaly repudiated Hofmann. It was the result of Melchior Hofmann's followers taking over Muenster in Mar., 1535 which they was renamed the New Jerusalem. There they set up the Kingdom of God and Jan of Leiden became King. A terrible Kingdom of God was created, which in turn was brutally overthrown by Catholic and Protestant forces. Interestingly, Melchior Hofmann designated himself "the second Enoch."2

In this chapter, the reader will be presented information on how the conspiracy has introduced new religious groups with Millenial visions in order to further their ultimate goal of creating a gnostic one-world-religion based on the efforts of man, and subservient to hierarchies, which in turn are centrally controlled.

The Masonic Lodge has preserved and promoted the concept of the New Age, the Golden Age, a Millenium.

The twentieth century has seen the rise of secular milleniarn visions such as communism. With the introduction of the New Age movement the vehicle of promotion has shifted back more to a religious millennialism as the end of the 20th century is approached.

The distinction between religious and secular Millenial views is blurred in real life. Secular ideologies, while lacking religious symbology have replaced the various parts of religion with secular equivalents. Men from various groups have coordinated their millenial views, so that it becomes difficult to identify the individual millenial movements as strictly secular or strictly religious.

This is illustrated, by a letter which appeared on the front page of the New York Daily Tribune (Mar. 15,1843). The letter was written by a Boston abolitionist who later that year attempted to establish the Skaneateles Community, a Utopian experiment using Robert Owen's secular Millenial ideas. The letter was addressed to Albert Brisbane. Albert Brisbane was America's principal exponent of the French occultist and Utopian philosopher, Charles Fourier. A close relationship exists between the secular Utopian communities established in the U.S. and the U.K. and the secret occult Fraternal orders in Europe and Fourier. (The reader is encouraged to read Fire In the Minds of Men, for a scholarly history of the connections. Then he encouraged if still wants to pursue such a study to look at the individual experimental communities.) The letter reads:

"The millennium of the sacred writers and the golden age of the poets have buoyed up the drooping heart in every age and every condition of life. The harmony of the material world, its ability to supply our wants, and the constant swelling up of the Soul for a purer and better state, convince every reflecting mind that a benevolent Creator designed Man for Happiness in the present state of existence, in spite of all the teachings of the Church."

In 1820, the Anglican church which was heavily mixed with Masonry, saw some thousand Anglican priests and radicals band together and announce that the "Second Advent" was due not

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