Secret Governing Body Controls The Globe Not The Various Religious Governing Bodies That Pretend To Rule

Manly Palmer Hall

T LLUSTRIOUS MANLY PALMER HALL, often called "Masonry's

J- Greatest Philosopher," departed his earthly labors peacefully in his sleep on August 7, 1990, in Los Angeles, California. Although bom in Peterborough, Ontario,, on March 18, 1901, Brother Hall moved to California in 1919 and devoted his life to lecturing, teaching, editing, and writing on all aspects of Freemasonry.

The author of over 50 books and more than 65 smaller works, Illustrious Hall was also the founder and a past President of the Philosophical Research Society of Los Angeles, California. He is best known for writing The Lost Keys of Freemasonry (1923), The Dionysian Artificers (1926), Masonic Orders of Fraternity (1950) and, of course, his monumental Encyclopedic Outline of Masonic history, philosophy and related subjects.

A member of the Scottish Rite Bodies in the Valley of San Francisco, Brother Hall was made a Mason in San Francisco's Jewel Lodge No. 374 and received the Scottish Rite's highest honor, the Grand Cross, in 1985 because of his exceptional contributions to Freemasonry, the Scottish Rite, and the public good.

Like Grand Commander Albert Pike before him, Ill: Hall did not teach a new doctrine but was an ambassador of an ageless tradition of wisdom that enriches us to "this day. His piety, wisdom, warmth, and humility have touched the lives of millions in America and around the globe. The world is a far better place because of Manly Palmer Hall, and we are better persons for having known him and his wprk.

Excerpted from an obituary by Walter Stewart, 32°

Hall, Manly P. America's Assignment with Destiny. Philosophical Research Society: Los Angeles,CA., 1951, p. 109.

America's Assignment with Destiny 109

dent. The theory of freedom could be preserved by Secret Societies, but the practice of freedom required the cooperation of an enlightened people dedicated to a lofty ethical standard.

When evaluating the esoteric groups of this period, the most reliable guide is their acceptance of the responsibility of the Great Plan. Progress is not ordinarily for the advancement of the individual, but for the unfoldment of the universal project. The real Esoteric Schools still labor toward the goal of the World Commonwealth. The Plan remains Utopian, and the disciple advancing through the grades of a legitimate initiate-system is being prepared, not for personal emancipation, but as an instrument for the liberation of his fellowmen. Wherever religious inducements are personal and selfish or the devotee is encouraged to advance his own growth without consideration for others, there is something wrong with the policy of the sect. Yet, the literature of modem metaphysical movements seldom emphasizes growth as responsibility. The reader is encouraged to study mystical systems or to affiliate with organizations claiming extraordinary knowledge in the hope that he will acquire the skill to advance his own condition. Where such objectives are used to intrigue the gullible, those of sincere mind and heart are entitled to reservations.

The old Secret Societies remain as they had always been, custodians of an overconviction. They are now emphasizing the right use of privileges. Education can be conferred by schools and universities, but enlightenment must still result from internal growth. Without the proper development of his superphysical resources, the individual cannot protect his physical rights and privileges. Progress of society always demands that the human being as a person be in advance of the institutions which he creates. When leadership passes to the keeping of external enterprises, the

The Real Purpose of Masonry is the Utopian Plan of a 1-World-Government

Bailey, Alice A. The Externalisation of the Hierarchy. Lucis Pub. Co.: NY, 1957, p.453.


mensity of planetary evil, demonstrated through the destructive war of the past few years (1914-1945), great and permanent good can come; the spiritual Hierarchy stands ready to evoke the good latent behind the work of destruction which has been done, but this can be so only if the goodwill of humanity itself is employed with adequate invo-cative power. If this goodwill finds expression, two things can occur: first, certain potencies and forces can be released upon the earth which will aid men's effort to attain right human relations, with its resultant effect—peace; secondly, the forces of evil will be so potently defeated that never again will they be able to wreak such universal destruction upon earth.

Years ago I said that the war which may follow this one would be waged in the field of the world religions. Such a war will not work out, however, in a similar period of extreme carnage and blood; it will be fought largely with mental weapons and in the world of thought; it will involve also the emotional realm, from the standpoint of idealistic fanaticism. This inherent fanaticism (found ever in reactionary groups) will fight against the appearance of the coming world religion and the spread of esotericism. For this struggle certain of the well-organised churches, through their conservative elements (their most powerful elements), are already girding themselves. Those sensitive to the new spiritual impacts are still far from powerful; that which is new always faces the supreme difficulty of superseding and overcoming that which is old and established. Fanaticism, entrenched theological positions, and materialistic selfishness are to be found actively organised in the churches in all continents and of all denominations. They can be expected to fight for their established ecclesiastical order, their material profit and their temporal rule, and already are making the needed preparations.

The coming struggle will emerge within the churches themselves; it will also be precipitated by the enlightened elements who exist in fair numbers already, and are rapidly growing in strength through the impact of human necessity.

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