New Tower Of Babel

The design of the long awaited RLDS Temple, built on the site of the world's future Millenial capital was the responsibility of the First Presidency and the Presiding Bishopric.1 Some people were alarmed when the long awaited RLDS temple in Independence, MO was planned with a spiral design similar to the famed Tower of Babel. Scholars have long viewed the spiral Babylonian Ziggurats to have been the design of the first Tower of Babel, "the identification of the tower of Babel with one such ziggurat seems inescapable."

The RLDS prophet Wallace B. Smith said, "The design gives the impression of seeking to link that which is earthbound with the creator who is beyond our reach." It is "a symbol of our vision of Zion."4

According to RLDS sources, this $60 million temple will not be used for temple ceremonies like the LDS temples. If this information is accurate, it would mean that the Masonic-like temple ceremonies like the LDS church's and the top secret witchcraft meetings in the LDS temples would not be take place in the RLDS temple. The public stance of the RLDS church is that its temple will not be used for secret ceremonies.

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