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A masonic document that was written for key members that were involved in the Rite of Mizraim and the Prieure de Sion is of interest at this point. The document was in French and is over 50 pages long. It circulated among key illuminated Masons during the 18th and 19th century. How important the document was in policy planning is open to debate, but it would seem to have either been policy or coincided with policy. On what basis does it seem to have been policy? Its principles have been carried out exactly over the last 200 years. A condensation, paraphrase of the translation is given below. This Author is not concerned with whether the document was or wasn't an actual policy plan, because what has happened historically is so close to the document that that in itself speaks for itself. Either by coincidence or design this document describes what has happened to the world.

The Mass Media creates the thoughts of the people. It tells the people what they need, it allows the people to voice their complaints, and to express discontent. By using the power of the Press secretly we have also made much money.

We are leading the people from one disenchantment to another. They will even tire of our rule and welcome the King/Priest dictatorship of the House of David that we have been preparing for centuries.

Agents tell the people that in order to secure liberty, the international brotherhood of all, and their equality of rights they need to abuse their national governments. This is to be accomplished by a unification. But we do not tell them who will rule the unification.

Who can overthrow an invisible force? Freemasonry remains a mystery to the public and serves as a screen for us.

It is critical to undermine all faith, destroy the principle of the Godhead, and replace it with materialism and mathematical calculations. Keep the public busy, put industry onto a speculative basis, and foster a desire for consumerism and wealth. We will slowly increase the centralization of government.

We have created a class of specialists from our administrative branch that have developed the manipulation of the public into an art. This skilled manipulation uses theory, verbiage, regulations and other items and quirks which the public can't comprehend.

The principle object is to debilitate the public's mind by criticism, and lead it away from serious reflection of what is really going on. These distractions along with sham fights will prevent resistence.

We must bring them into a state of bewilderment by allowing and promoting so many contradictory opinions, that people will lose their heads in the labyrinth, and come to believe the best thing is to have no opinion of any kind in politics.

Sow discord, dislocate the forces against us. Discourage sincere personal initiative. A man with genuis and initiative is more dangerous to us than millions of the public.

In order that the real meaning of events are not realized they will masked with economic theories. We will manipulate government through public opinion, which we can create by the power of the Press.

We will create tenor. We will harness the anarchists, the socialists, the Utopian dreamers so that they will bore away at the last foundations of the established form of order. We will not give them peace until the New World Order is in place.

In order to carry out struggles, money is needed, and all the money is in our hands.

We have fooled, corrupted, bemused, amused the youth with principles we know are false. We have created laws that are an incomprehensible tangled web.

Should any city dare oppose us, we can terrorize it so that even the bravest will be intimidated. The subways, sewers, and other subterranean corridors can be mined and the city blown into the air along with its government, records, and service systems.

We will be saviors to the mobs, who will vote us into power. We have everyone regardless of qualifications voting, because otherwise it will be difficult to get our consensus from a properly educated group of people.

We set up republics with constitutions. And then use the press to condemn the rulers and make them impotent and inactive, and in effect they become useless and superfluous. We put into power presidents from the masses, who can be blackmailed. The people in government are often not our own people, but our puppets who we can blackmail and destroy if they don't follow orders.

In order to create conditions so that people will want a world government, every kind of trouble and discord must be promoted, including the inoculation of diseases, starvation and drug use.

Secret Masonry is not known, and the aims are not even suspected by the cattle. They are attracted to us by our show lodges which serve to throw dust in the eyes of their fellowman.

Any attempt to attack us by the press on its own will be stopped. But note that we ourselves will attack ourselves in the press—at predetermined points. Not a single pronouncement will reach the public without our control. The International News agencies are already ours, and use what we dictate to them.

The masses look at events of the world through the glasses we provide them.

We will neutralize the influence of the privately owned press. If ten privately owned presses are permitted, we will have 30, and so on. But the public will never suspect this, because our journals will be the most opposite in appearance, opinions, and procedures. The official publications are guarding our interests. Then come the semi-official publications. Then will come what appear to be the organs of opposition to us. Our real opposition at heart will accept this stimulated opposition as their own and will show us their cards.

Like the Indian god Vishnu, we will have a hundred arms— publications of all possible complexions.

Our false attacks on ourselves wil convince the public that all organs that oppose us lack substance to their criticism. Our opponents will lack the ability to give full expression to their views because of the lack of their media power. We can ignore them.

The masses must be retrained and given new employment periodically. Keep them further distracted with amusements, passions, games, sports of all kinds, art competition. They will grow less and less reflective, and adopt more and more our way of thinking. We will continue to direct their minds with all kinds of fantastic theories, new and apparently progressive. Progress, like a fallacious idea, serves to obscure truth, so that none may know truth but us.

We have stage managed so many people over the years in many institutions. Our belief will not be examined, but the shortcomings of the various beliefs of the masses will be discussed by our experts.

In countries called progressive we have created senseless, filthy literature, to direct the masses to learn what knowledge we want them to know.

Whenever we come into power, even into the New Order, Masons that know too much will be eliminated.

We are facing only two major powers, the Russian Czar and the Papacy. [As the reader has learned, those have since both been captured by Masonic power.] The curious join the the Masonic Lodge. Using their vanity they can be brought into a total state of slavish submission. Their conceit allows us to bring them into a state of naivete. Masons who know too much are executed when required by a normal kind of illness. This action prevents any opposition from within Masonry itself.

There you have it. Whatever we make of this Machiavellian-like document, it certainly describes what has happened. For instance, A. Ralph Epperson has written a fairly good book The Unseen Hand, which is a good introduction to the Conspiratorial View of History. However, who does he suggest people go to oppose the Conspiracy? To the Mormon Skousen an ex-FBI man, and especially to the John Birch Society (which perhaps Epperson is unaware was started by a 32 degree Mason with Rockefeller money). —See chapter 40 "Assistance" in The Unseen Hand.) By following Epperson's suggestion to call these groups, in effect, people are simply doing what the above documents states, that is: by setting up their own opposition they will learn what their opponents are saying and doing. This is not to say Epperson suspected that these groups are tools of the New World Order and intentionally gave bad advice. No, he believes the JBS is legitimate. That is why Be Wise As Serpents is needed even for those who are aware of the conspiracy.

Isn't this simply creating paranoia? Not for those who will sincerely oppose the New Order. These people have learned that to fear is counterproductive. There are a certain group of these dedicated servants of God that have been beat up by demonic forces enough in their day to day life that they are no longer fearful of Satan, but are fully committed to depend on the power of Almighty God Yahweh. They are no longer concerned with who is with them, for they know the truth is on their side, and they realize the stakes are too high to dabble in petty fears. They will faithfully do what they must, and will let the chips fall where they fall. If they make mistakes, they learn and go on. They don't give up.

What this chapter is calling those who oppose the New World Slave State to do, is to reevaluate the issues the Media is giving us. Many of the issues people are getting side-tracked on are intentional distractions by the One-World-Order.


Yes, if you want to discuss anything but the details of the Conspiracy, or Christian values, or anything the Power doesn't care is talked about. Examples of "free spreech" include:

•A man made anti-Jewish remarks on an East Broadway bus in 1940 and was jailed in a workhouse for 15 days by a Jewish judge.5

•A Christian radio evangelist was forced by Jewish threats to apologize over the air for a comment made.6

•Father Coughlin who was telling the public facts about the Power was forced off the air, banned by the Radio Assn., which made the ADL gleeful.

•Christians in Killingly, Conn. who objected to the film The Killing Fields as part of a three-day high school program, and others in Crown King, Az who objected to a school reading club being named "666" are labelled censors. The First Admendment gives everybody the rights of speech and protest. But Christians who try to exercise those rights are portrayed as censors by PAW's Attacks on Freedom to Learn and U.S. News & World Report, Nov. '88.

•A Christian woman in Calif. Mrs. Evelyn Smith refused to rent to a unmarried couple living in sin. She believed God would judge her responsible if she permits people to engage in extramarital sex on her property. Mrs. Smith was fined $454 dollars in out-of-pocket money to pay for the "damages" the unmarried couple supposedly received from her rejection of them as renters. Where was her First Amendment right to the free exercise of religion, and the promoise of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness?

The examples could go on ad-nauseum. Christian freedom of speech, and the freedom to verbally oppose the One-World-Power are being muzzled.

Christians continue to try to work through the system. (Their learning curve needs helped.) According to an article in the American Family Association Journal in 1989 the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) had received 400,000 complaints about indecency laws being violated in the last 20 years. They have prosecuted only one of those, that was eleven years back. The FCC demands that a tape or a video tape be sent with each complaint. But the FCC doesn't even have a VCR to view the tapes that they say must accompany any complaint. The complaints are simply sitting on a shelf gathering dust.9

In Miami, an announcer regularly solicits young boys for teenage homosexual sex, the FCC does nothing10- this is freedom of speech.

But what if a Christian wants to speak the truth even in love?

The First Amendment has been stood on its head. Pornography, and every evil imagination along with witchcraft of all kinds can been openly discussed over the media and in public. This is hailed as Freedom of Speech. But if one wants to speak of morality, watch out you may be fined, threatened or end up in jail, like the above examples. And if you go through the corrupt system for redress, you may have your complaint gathering dust.

In fact, the Media's anti-Christian bias is so blatant this Author feels somewhat rediculous for calling the reader's attention to the obvious.

With New Age morality, the majority of Media elite have decided that a certain group of people are subhuman, and deserving death at the whim and fancy of another person, even teenagers.11 I'm referring to the death of millions of unborn children, that the media has promoted.

The anti-Abortion protests have been large and extensive across the United States and have gone widely unreported. The brutallity inflicted on the abortion protestors has also gone essentially unreported. The slightest anti-Jewish, or anti-Aparteid protest is picked up by the

Media and these items are given coverage way out of proportion to reality. Some of the items you didn't learn on the 6 o'clock news which show the police state we already live in (—true, it's a benevolent dictatorship):

Pro-life (anti-abortion, anti-murder) protestors received the following treatment from the

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