List Of Masons Who Are In Charge Of Christian Education

(also included are members of the Skull & Bones Order considered to be part of the Illuminati-in each case they will be identified)

American Baptists- Church Education 111. State Conv., Springfield, Il.-Glenn Hall Leach (Director 1964-68)

Andover Theological Seminary-Auburn Theological Seminary-Harry L. Reed ( S & B Order, President)

Baptist University(OK)-Joshua B. Lee (instructor)

Baker University-

Wallace B. Flemming (president)

Baylor University-

William R. White (president), Robert E.B. Baylor (initial donor), Bethany College-

Berkeley Divinity School-

Henry A. Yardley ( S & B Order, instructor)

Bexley Theological Seminary-

Brown University-

Jasper Adams (minister & Prof.),Clarence A. Barbour (President), Eli Whitney Blake (S & B Order-Prof.)

Chicago Theological Seminary-F.W. Fisk (S & B Order-President)

Christian College (Columbia, Mo.)-Eugene S. Briggs (President)

Dakota Wesleyan University-Ernest H. Hahne (instructor),

Doshiba College-

Dwight Whitney Learned (S & B Order, Prof.)

Drake University-William Koch (33°, trustee)

Drew Theological Seminary-Wallace B. Fleming (Prof.)

Episcopal High School Archibald R. Hoxton ( S & B Order),

Evangelical Academy-Christopher Karl Andre (director),

Howard University

Kentucky Wesleyan CollegeJohn J. Tigert (President)

Macclay College of Theology-Matt S. Hughes (Prof, of Theology)

Methodist Sunday Schools-Edgar Blake (Sec. of Board of S.S.)

Nebraska Wesleyan University-

Melvon Leroy Ireland (trustee, minister U.Meth., Bray Hebrew Award-1945) Notre Dame-

J. Lewis Browne (faculty member)

Northwest Christian College (Eugene, OR)

Jack Jackson (bd. of trustees)

Otterbein (leading United Brethren College in OH) Dr. J. Gordon Howard (President)

Pacific Methodist College-A.L. Fitzgerald (President)

Presbyterian Church-

Arnold Hilmar Lowe (Board of Chr. Ed.),

Princeton Theological Seminary-

Roland Walter Anderson (Trustee),(unconfirmed Herbert A. Gibbons -hist. Prof.), John T. Manson (Trustee)

Rochester Theological Seminary Clarence A. Barbour (Prof.),

Edward T. Hall ( S & B Order,instructor) St. Paul's-

Archer Harman (S & B Order, instructor), Archer Harman, Jr. (S & B Order, instructor), George S. Stillman (S & B Order, instructor)

Texas Wesleyan-

Horace Bailey Carroll (prof.)

Texas Christian-

Perry E. Gresham (minister & instructor),

Union CollegeFrank C. Laubach (dean),

Union Theological Seminary-

Henry Sloane Coffin (S & K Order- Prof. of Theol.,President) Wesleyan University-

Westminster College (UT)-John R. Palmer (President)

West Virginia Wesleyan CollegeCarl G. Doney (President), Wallace B. Fleming (President),

William Penn College-Erroll T. Elliot (President)

Williamette University-Bruce R. Baxter (President)

Yale Divinity School,Theological Seminary

George Dahl (S & K Order-Prof.).Timothy Dwight (S & K Order- Prof.)

THE FOUNDATIONS (Circle B on Chart)

The life-blood of many religious institutions comes from foundations and trusts. Without Grants many Christian schools would end up in the red financially.

I am looking at an interoffice memo of a Christian Seminary "RE: The Five Year Planning

Process." It states, "We must cultivate a financial support base of both current and endowment

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