Humble Beginning

On a damp rainy day in Sotto il Monte, Italy Signora Maria Anna Mazzola Roncalli gave birth to a healthy baby. The cross-mountain wind that the people call tramontano was slamming through town rattling wooden shutters and forcing rain into the damp houses. It was Nov. 25, 1881, and due to the high rate of infant mortality the family followed the church's instructions and went that very same day to the parish church of San Giovanni to have the infant baptized Giuseppe Angelo Roncalli. Later his names were reversed.62 And later this child as a seventy-seven year old man would be known as Pope John XXIII.

That name Pope John XXIII is pregnant with meaning. This name that he selected had been anathematized because an anti-pope (an imposter) up to 1415 had used it. Since then nobody had dared use it. The name John is very important to the Masons, for the Patron saint of the Freemasons is St. John. Further, a document placed in the National Library in Paris, France prior to to 1956, indicates that a man called John XXIII (Jean Cocteau) was the Grand Master of the Prieure de Sion,63 the secret order entrusted with the blood line of the House of David. There was considerable consternation when Roncalli choose the name John XXIII, considering that the Anti-Pope who had that same name was known only for seducing 200 women including his own sister-in-law.(Spearman, Neville. The Broken Cross. Piers Compton, 1983.)

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