Difference In Authority

Christian prayer Authority: God who is supernatural & involved.


Witchcraft invoking/decreeing Authority: A god(s) who is not involved, godlike power given to everyone.

Supplication of trust

Words invoke spiritual spirit world.

laws of

Not to be done ritually, or in vain repetitions, by by spirit speaking through the heart.

Formulae and ritual, repetitions called "faith, trust, hope"

called "scientific."

This is in part the reason the World Order is promoting the New Age movement. The New Age movement is subtly creating a different Authority than God Almighty. The Christian Creator can't be controled. He is a rival authority to those in power, and they can't tolerate a rival.

In order to mask their own dictatorship, the New World Order is permitting almost any type of carnal behavior to its duped slaves. H.G. Wells felt the New World Order needed to create a rulership, "a caste" as he calls it, that would be quasi-religious and would "pander to all your worst instincts."12

At the very top of the power structure of the New World Order are the Rothschilds. (See chapter 3.3 for a more indepth look into this dynasty.) Prominent members of this family in recent times have been Philippe (the leader), Edmund, Victor, Guy, and Nathaniel. Philippe is a business partner with Queen Juliana.(See chapter 2.12 for a discussion of their role.) The upper

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