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One Christian reports that the Illuminati paid Chuck Smith of Calvary Chapel two $4,000,000 checks to start Maranatha Records and "Jesus Rock", in order to get rock music into the churches. Further, witches were trained as "spirit-filled" Christians and infiltrated into the companies of Sparrow Records, Birdwing Records, WORD Inc. Myrrh, Lexicon, and Light Records, and sent out such "ministries" as LoveSong, Children of the Day, Nancy Honeytree, Larry Norman, Chuck Girard, Phil Keaggy and others.


Christian rock has been coming out with albums promoting all the band-wagon themes of the New World Order, globalism, ecology, ect. including even the idea of a One-World-Church.


Christian rock music is identical with secular rock except that Christian words are used in the lyrics. Approving such music ignores that music is more than words but also beat, rhythm, and the combination of particular instruments. Christian rock is damaging the spirit of its listeners. The beat that almost all Christian music sold has is the same beat that is known to put people into trances.

Why is witchcraft (and the New World Order it is in favor of) supporting such music? Because they know it is destroying the Christian faith and helping build their New World Order.

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