What about Peter and Jude do they preach hell

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Hell Really Exists

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Peter and Jude strongly condemn wicked and ungodly men speaking in terms of, 'for whom is reserved the blackness of darkness forever (aion)'. (2 Peter 2:17, Jude 1:13)

In these verses, as in many other places in the New Testament, the Greek word aion is mistranslated to mean forever by translators of most versions of the Bible. Yes, there is a future age-to-come (aion) judgement for all ungodly men but not an eternal judgement in 'hell'.

Once we understand that the two Greek words aion and aionios have been misinterpreted or mistranslated as explained in Chapter 5, there is absolutely nothing in the New Testament that supports the false doctrine of Eternal Torture in Hell.

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