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In hope of age-to-come (aionios) life which God, who cannot lie, promised before the ages (aionios) began.

Let us clearly understand what God means by aionios life, which has been mistranslated as 'eternal life' or 'everlasting life'. When the Bible speaks of 'eternal life' or 'everlasting life', it is referring to immortal life, which believers will receive at the First Resurrection when Jesus Christ returns, at the beginning of the next Age. This is confirmed by Apostle Paul in the powerful chapter of 1 Corinthians 15, which describes the resurrection. Believers will receive their immortality when they are resurrected and not a second beforehand.

Nobody is born with immortality. However, everybody will receive immortality at the resurrection, either at the First Resurrection or at the Second Resurrection. Of course, the age-to-come resurrected immortal life for believers will be eternal and everlasting, and therefore the mistranslation of aionios life to mean eternal or everlasting life instead of age-to-come life does not immediately appear to be an error. However, it is an error because it clouds God's Plan of Universal Reconciliation through Jesus Christ, which He is working out in Ages.

This mistranslation error becomes extremely serious, when referring to God's judgement of unbelievers in a future age, where aionios punishment has been mistranslated to mean everlasting punishment.

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