Timothy 117

Now to the King eternal (aion), immortal, invisible, to God who alone is wise, be honor and glory forever (aion) and ever (aion). Amen

Aion has been mistranslated three times in this verse to mean eternal or forever, when it should have been correctly translated as ages. This is a major translation error, even though the mistranslated verse is exalting the eternal qualities of Jesus Christ who is God. Of course, nobody can deny the truth that Jesus Christ is Eternal and His glory is forever. However, the translators have been absolutely wrong in their translation of aion as eternal and forever. This mistranslation error, which has been carried out many times in the Bible, has a very serious consequence for the understanding of God's Plan of universal reconciliation, which God is working out in Ages through Jesus Christ.

Thankfully, we have some Bible translations like Young's Literal Translation by Robert Young, which are strict literal translations of the original Greek and Hebrew words. Let us see how Robert Young has translated this verse.

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