Timothy 117 YLT

and to the King of the ages (aion), the incorruptible, invisible, only wise God, [is] honour and glory - to the ages (aion), of the ages! (aion) Amen.

Notice that Young avoided the mistranslation error of aion as eternal and forever, and he correctly translated aion to mean ages. This verse, correctly translated, says that Jesus Christ is indeed the King of the Ages. His glory extends to all Ages. As commented earlier, the key to understanding God's Plan of the Ages is to realise the importance of the name of Jesus Christ as The Beginning and the End. He began the Ages and He will end the Ages.

To mistranslate aion to mean eternal or forever is like saying black is white, and white is black. The Bible defines aion as an age, which always has a beginning and an end, but eternity is ageless and timeless and it has no beginning and no end. The Bible never says that an aion goes on forever or for eternity. To say that an aion lasts for eternity is a total contradiction in terms. There can be no such thing as an eternal or everlasting age. An age and eternity are two different concepts and should not be confused with each other.

The translators of many versions of the Bible failed to understand that there are no contradictions between God's eternal attributes and His age-enduring attributes. Let us examine two more verses where this mistranslation has occurred.

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