Then Death and Hades were cast into the lake of fire This is the second death

15 And anyone not found written in the Book of Life was cast into the lake of fire.

These verses describe God's awesome judgement of both believers (from Christ's Millennial Kingdom) and unbelievers (from throughout the Ages) when they will be resurrected at the Second Resurrection. At the time of the Great White Throne Judgement, the earth with its heaven (the sky, the earth's atmosphere) as we know it will no longer exist (fled away), as the whole earth and its atmosphere will become a ball of fire.

Please understand that Jesus Christ paid the price on the cross for the resurrection of everybody, believers and unbelievers. Resurrection, whether it is the First or the Second Resurrection, is in itself a victory over physical death. Apostle Paul says in 1 Corinthians 15:13, "But if there is no resurrection of the dead, then Christ is not risen". Jesus Christ has risen, and the risen Christ will make sure that Adam and Eve and all of their descendants will be resurrected, in either the First or the Second Resurrection.

Just imagine the picture of a vast sea of humanity, multiple billions of human beings standing before God on the Great White Throne Judgement Day.

God flooded and destroyed the whole of Noah's world and millions upon millions of men, women and children were drowned. They will stand before God at the Great White Throne Judgement. The majority of Israelites from God's chosen nation have died as unbelievers; they will be resurrected and stand before God too, including the millions of Jews who were tortured and killed in Hitler's concentration camps. Most of the world's population in China, Asia, Africa, Eastern Europe and other nations who died without hearing the gospel of Jesus Christ will stand before God at the Great White Throne Judgement. Those people, who claim to be Christians but are Christians in name only, will also be in this Second Resurrection. The overwhelming majority of the world's population die as unbelievers.

Can you imagine this amazing picture of old men and young men, old women and young women, teenagers, children and babies, including all unborn babies who died either by abortion or miscarriage? Multiple billions of people, a vast sea of humanity, from different races and cultures will be standing before God at the Great White Throne Judgement? However, all people will be resurrected in their new immortal adult bodies, as Adam was created in his adult body.

On the Day of Judgement, many 'Christians' will be shocked to hear the words of Jesus Christ 'I never knew you'. (Matthew 7:21-23) Note that these 'Christians' have been prophesying, casting out demons, and doing many wonders in the name of Jesus Christ, so we are not talking about nominal Christians here but committed zealous 'Christians'. Yet shockingly, Jesus Christ will not recognise them as true believers.

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