The Six 24hour Days of the Genesis Creation Account

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Let us go on to understand that there is absolutely no contradiction whatsoever between Genesis 1:1, where it is says that God created the heavens and the earth in the beginning, and Genesis 1:14-19 where it says that God made the sun, the moon and the stars on the fourth day. Once we see and understand that the whole of the six day creation account is written from man's earthly perspective rather than from a cosmic perspective, then the scriptures become clear and everything make sense.

Before we examine the six 24-hour days of the Genesis creation account, let us first remind ourselves that the earth was created in the beginning, many millions of years ago, in a beautiful state as God's Garden of Eden, teeming with both plant and animal life and with Lucifer placed in charge as the leading angel.

This beautiful garden environment was destroyed as a result of God's global tohuw and bohuw judgement, when Lucifer and his angels, who became Satan and his fallen angels, were cast back down to earth because of their rebellion and sins against God. The earth became a chaotic, wasted, lifeless, desolate and flooded planet, and it was plunged into total darkness because God withheld the sun's light and consequently its heat from the earth. Hence the earth was freezing cold and completely covered in ice; it was a global Ice Age.

Day One(Genesis 1:3-5) - God reintroduces the light of the sun to reach and shine on the surface of the deep frozen waters of the flooded earth. The effect of this heat and sudden change in temperature resulted in the start of a massive global melting of the ice.

The ice must have been so thick that the Spirit of God first needed to shake, break and soften the ice to prepare for and assist the melting process. We believe this is the correct meaning of the Hebrew word rachaph where it says in Genesis 1:2 'And the Spirit of God was hovering (rachaph) over the face of the waters (ice)'. This meaning of rachaph which is to shake, break and soften, is confirmed from Strong's number H7363 and by its use in Jeremiah 23:9, where it says 'All my bones shake (rachaph). I am like a drunken man'. So the 'hovering' of the Spirit of God over the face of the waters (ice) was not a gentle movement of the Spirit of God, but an active shaking and breaking of the surface of the deep ice. This was in preparation for the great melt which took place once the light of the sun was reintroduced onto the earth's surface on Day One.

Day Two (Genesis 1:5-8) - God forms the firmament by lifting the 'waters from the waters'. The firmament refers to the space or expanse within the earth's atmosphere between the earth's surface and the cloud strata, which God formed using the process of evaporation, when the heat of the sunlight caused vast volumes of water vapour to rise up from the surface of the melt-waters to form dense dark clouds in the sky.

Day Three (Genesis 1:9-12) - God forms the dry land by causing the melt-waters to recede from the flooded earth. He also causes plant life on land to start germinating in this warm, humid, cloud-darkened and cocooned environment.

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