The Righteousness of the Law of

God gave the Israelites His Law through Moses. The Bible says that the Law of God is perfect, holy, just, good, spiritual and righteous. (Psalm 19:7, Psalm 119:72, Romans 7:12, 14) God is love and all of His commandments are fulfilled through the two great commandments of Love, love for God and love for men. (Matthew 22:34-39) Also, we are born with a conscience that shows us things done contrary to the Law of God, which is the Law of Love, unless we disregard our conscience so that it becomes seared. (Romans 2:14-15)

The problem is that man always misses the mark and falls short of keeping the Law of God perfectly.

It is impossible for man to become righteous before God through God's Law. Any attempt to be righteous before God through the Law simply ends up in self-righteousness . The Bible says that whoever shall keep the whole Law, and yet stumble in one point, is guilty of all. (James 2:10). The problem is not the Law of God, but the fallen nature of man. The purpose of the Law of God is not to make man righteous, but to demonstrate to man how exceedingly unrighteous he is, compared to the perfect, sinless Righteousness of God as revealed in the Law of God. (Romans 3:19-20, Romans 7:13)

God uses the Law like a diagnostic instrument to bring man into the knowledge of his incurably sick, helpless, fallen and sinful state. This prepares man to respond and accept God's solution for his cure.

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