The Kingdom of God and His Righteousness

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is all about the coming Kingdom of God, and God's Righteousness. It is essential to understand what the terms the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness mean, and how to seek them as Jesus commands in Matthew 6:33. Jesus Christ was sent by the Father to this earth to preach the gospel of the Kingdom of God. Yet, amazingly very few Christians including those who believe in Universalism understand the gospel of the Kingdom of God, which Jesus, His disciples and the apostles preached.

The Bible speaks of the Kingdom of God coming in two phases. The first phase is the Millennial Kingdom of God, which will be ushered in at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, and it will last for one thousand years. The second phase is the Eternal Kingdom of God of the New Heaven and the New Earth, which will be established at the end of the Ages when Jesus has reconciled all things to God the Father, which includes the reconciliation of Satan and all fallen angels.

There are a number of prophesied significant events that will happen before both phases of the Kingdom of God are established on this earth. Chapters 8, 10, 11 and 14 of God's Plan for All give all of the relevant details. It is necessary to clearly know about these prophesied events in order to fully understand God's Plan of the Ages for the Salvation of all people and the Reconciliation of all things.

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