The Great White Throne Judgement Age when All Resurrected Unbelievers are Judged and Reconciled to

Time Period: Unknown, but likely to be of short duration.

Key Events: The Sixth Age will begin with Satan deceiving the great multitudes of resurrected unbelievers (the non-elect), represented as Gog and Magog, who rise in the Second Resurrection. Satan will lead these deceived unbelievers in a rebellion against Jesus Christ and His Bride. This rebellion will be easily crushed by God's devouring fire. Then, Satan is cast into the Lake of Fire where he is judged for two ages, i.e., for the Sixth Age and the Seventh Age, which is the final age. (Revelation 20:8-10)

God's devouring fire will engulf the whole earth as a ball of fire during The Great White Throne Judgement Age, when God will judge all people resurrected at the Second Resurrection. All resurrected unbelievers will be cast into this Lake of Fire to experience the Second Death. However, all resurrected believers, those who were saved during the Millennial Age and have their names written in the Book of Life, will join the Bride of Christ who rose in the First Resurrection.

The Holy City, New Jerusalem, which spiritually represents the Bride of Christ, the Lamb's Wife, is located above the earth in heaven (the sky, the earth's atmosphere) during the Great White Throne Judgement Age. (Revelation 21: 9-21) The gates of the Holy City, New Jerusalem, remain open and people from all nations enter through the gates into the Holy City to receive healing and salvation. These nations are those who have experienced God's judgement in the Lake of Fire and who have gone through the Second Death. The Second Death is the death of the old sinful Adamic man, which needs to happen before the New Birth in Christ can take place.

The Sixth Age will end when the last unbeliever judged in the Lake of Fire becomes a believer entering the Holy City, New Jerusalem, to receive healing and salvation. (Revelation 21:24, Revelation 22:2)

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