The Bible speaks of two past global catastrophes and two past mass extinctions of

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life in the history of the earth, first in Lucifer's World, and then in Noah's World. Therefore, we should expect earth's geology to have sufficient evidence to prove that both these global judgements of God occurred.

Many scientists worldwide, in increasing numbers, now believe in a theory proposed in 1980 by physicist Luis Alvarez and his son Walter Alvarez, a geologist, that a mass extinction of plant and animal species occurred as a result of a huge asteroid impacting the earth's surface, at the end of the Cretaceous period sixty-five million years ago. This is known as the K-T extinction event. The following quote summaries the general scientific belief about this K-T extinction event.

'The Alvarezes' primary evidence is a superabundance of iridium in the Cretaceous/Tertiary boundary (KT boundary), a thin rock stratum dividing Cretaceous rocks from those of the later Tertiary period. In the Alvarezes' scenario, an asteroid 10 kilometers in diameter struck the earth at high velocity, forming a crater 150 kilometers wide. In addition to the immediate devastation of tidal waves, global fires, and giant storms, impact debris hurled into the atmosphere at high altitude spread around the Earth, preventing sunlight from reaching the ground. With photosynthesis blocked, herbivorous and carnivorous species died as the food chain was snapped at its base.'

It is interesting yet not surprising that this scientific theory supports the Bible's account of God's global tohuw and bohuw judgement in the Pre-Adamic World, against Satan and the fallen angels as they were cast back down to earth. We know from scripture that God's global tohuw and bohuw judgement involved the powers of the heavens being shaken and stars (meteorites and asteroids) falling on earth.

Do you know that the Bible is amazingly clear that the earth will be struck once again by a huge asteroid in the future tohuw and bohuw judgement during the Great Tribulation, prior to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ?

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