The Bible speaks of Resurrection not Rapture

Many Christians have confused the powerful truth of the Resurrection of ALL believers at the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, by introducing an unbiblical concept called 'the rapture'. Most Christians who hold to the rapture theory believe in a pre-tribulation rapture. They believe that Jesus Christ's Second Coming will take place in two stages; the first stage being at the beginning of a seven-year period of tribulation. At this first stage, they believe that Jesus comes only in the clouds, to whisk away all believers to heaven. By doing this, they believe that Jesus protects the believers from God's wrath during the last three and a half years of the tribulation. They do not believe that Jesus lands on the earth at the first stage of His Second Coming, but will land at the end of the tribulation period.

A typical rapture belief is as follows:

"Millions of people will disappear from the Earth without warning. As a result, tragic and unexplained accidents will occur on a wide scale basis, ushering in the tribulation period. Many speculate that the non-believers left behind who may have known of the Rapture theory, yet previously rejected it, will finally come to belief in Jesus Christ as Lord and Saviour as a result of the Rapture. Others left behind will remain in unbelief, finding theories to explain away the bizarre event."

The rapture belief is unbiblical. The Bible speaks of only one Second Coming of Jesus Christ and only one gathering together of ALL believers, which is the Post-Tribulation Resurrection. This resurrection of all believers (those who have died and those who are still alive) will occur immediately after the Great Tribulation when Christ returns. This resurrection is, of course, the First Resurrection referred to in Revelation 20:6.

Christians who believe in a pre or mid-tribulation rapture should pay close attention to what Jesus says in the following scripture.

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