The Bible means ALL when it says ALL

We need to first expose the fallacy of those who say that the Bible rarely means all when it says all, before we give fourteen of the many glorious scriptures which uphold the truth of Universal Salvation through Jesus Christ.

Charles H Spurgeon, a very influential preacher in the nineteenth century, did a great disservice to the Word of God when he preached that the word all in the Bible very rarely means all, but that it usually means some of all sorts. Below is a quote from one of Spurgeon's sermons.

"The words 'world' and 'all' are used in some seven or eight senses in Scripture; and it is very rarely that 'all' means all persons, taken individually. The words are generally used to signify that Christ has redeemed 'some of all sorts' some Jews, some Gentiles, some rich, some poor, and has not restricted his redemption to either Jew or Gentile." (Spurgeon, Particular Redemption, A Sermon, 28 February 1858)

One can easily prove how wrong Spurgeon was by examining the biblical verses in their context, where the word 'all' is used. The Greek word for all is pas, which is used 1243 times in the New Testament. We have examined every verse where pas has been used, and we could not find even one single verse where pas means 'some of all sorts' as preached by Spurgeon.

In the overwhelming majority of cases, the context immediately makes clear to whom or to what all or every refers. We give below a couple of examples.

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