Repentance and Faith are necessary for Salvation

Every aspect of our salvation, whether in this life or the next life, is a gift from God. Repentance and faith are gifts from God. The Righteousness of God is a gift from God. The Holy Spirit, which helps believers to produce the fruits of Righteousness, is a gift from God. The fruits of Righteousness themselves are gifts from God. Our salvation is one hundred percent the work of God's grace from start to finish, and man is not in a position to boast about any aspect of his salvation whatsoever. All the glory goes to God.

Some Universalists fail to understand that repentance and faith are essential for a person to be saved, whether in this life for God's Elect Bride of Christ or for the rest of humanity in future ages. They fail to understand the difference between God given saving faith and human self-righteous faith. They do not understand that on the Day of Judgement, all unbelievers will repent and through God given faith believe in the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, before they can be saved and reconciled to God.

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