Psalm 11517

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The dead do not praise the LORD, Nor any who go down into silence.

Why do Christians not believe these clear biblical verses, along with many others, which categorically disprove the doctrine of the immortal soul? Notice that the Bible says that when a person dies, his memory ceases, he cannot praise God, and he has no knowledge or wisdom. In other words, the soul of a person without a body is not conscious.

The concept of the immortality of the soul, which entered the Roman Catholic Church and subsequently the Protestant Church, was the result of pagan ideas filtered in through ancient Greek poets and philosophers. The Greek philosopher Plato fully developed the concept of the immortal soul.

The Bible teaches resurrection, which is a rising from the dead. This is in direct opposition to the pagan Greek idea of an immortal soul. Resurrection is the glorious central truth of the Bible. The Bible says that everyone will be resurrected because Jesus Christ was resurrected, and that Jesus Christ earned resurrection for every person through His death on the cross.

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