Matthew 2422

And unless those days were shortened, no flesh would be saved; but for the elect's sake those days will be shortened

The Bible indicates that only one third of the earth's population will survive the Great Tribulation to enter Christ's Millennial Age in their physical bodies. The current population of the world is approximately 6.6 billion. If the Great Tribulation were to start in the next few years, we would be talking about an enormous number of people, approximately 4.4 billion, who would not survive it.

Matthew 24:22 above says that for the Elect's sake those days will be shortened. The Elect in this verse is not referring to God's Elect believers, who will rise to meet the returning Jesus Christ in the air, as they are already saved and guaranteed a place in the First Resurrection. There is no need for Jesus Christ to shorten the days of the Great Tribulation in order to save them. So what Elect does this verse refer to?

It is important to understand that there are two types of God's Elect who will enter Christ's Millennial Kingdom. There are those Elect who will enter the Millennial Kingdom in their resurrected immortal saved bodies, as the risen Bride of Christ, and they will rule and reign with Jesus Christ during the Millennial Age. The other type of God's Elect are those who will enter the Millennial Age in their fleshly mortal unsaved bodies having survived the Great Tribulation. These fleshly Elect, both Jews and Gentiles, are not yet believers at Jesus' return, otherwise they would be included in the First Resurrection.

God has understood and determined right from the foundation of the world that there will be three distinct groups of people who will survive the Great Tribulation. These are Elect Jews, Elect Gentiles (the Sheep) and Non-Elect Gentiles (the Goats).

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