Matthew 1039

He who finds his life will lose (appollumi) it, and he who loses (appollumi) his life for My sake will find it.

In this verse, Christ is once again emphasising the same truth by using the Greek word appollumi. We must first lose our old self-righteous Adamic man before we can find the new Righteous Jesus Man. This is true for believers during this life and for unbelievers in the Lake of Fire judgement, which Jesus refers to as gehenna.

It should now be abundantly clear that when Jesus Christ uses the Greek Word appollumi in connection with the future judgement of unbelievers in gehenna (mistranslated as hell), He does not mean that unbelievers will perish, be lost, killed, destroyed, ruined or tortured for eternity. Jesus is clearly referring to a future temporary refining judgement of unbelievers. We have already established that all of God's judgements ultimately lead to God's Righteousness and His Salvation, and not to eternal torture in hell or annihilation.

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