James 118

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Of His own will He brought us forth by the word of truth, that we might be a kind of firstfruits of His creatures.

The union of Jesus Christ with His Wife will bear a Great Harvest of more fruits. Since there are Firstfruits, then there has to be more fruits. These are none other than the billions of people forming the rest of humanity, who will rise in the Second Resurrection. The Great Harvest will consist of two very large groups of people.

The First Group in the Great Harvest will consist of billions of believers who will have lived during Christ's glorious Millennial Age, and who will rise in their immortal saved bodies at the Second Resurrection. These resurrected believers, whose names are written in the Book of Life, will join the Bride of Christ, God's Elect who rose in the First Resurrection.

The Second Group in the Great Harvest will probably be even larger than the first group. It will consist of many billions of people, all unbelievers who have ever lived and died throughout the Ages from Adam and Eve until the end of the Millennial Age. These unbelievers will rise in their immortal yet still unsaved bodies at the Second

Resurrection to face God's Great White Throne Judgement when they will be cast into God's Lake of Fire. Jesus Christ, the Lord of the Harvest, working together with His Bride will save all these multiple billions of unbelievers through God's refining yet merciful Lake of Fire Judgement.

The Plan of God to save all people is portrayed by the Feasts of Israel. The Passover was immediately followed by the Feast of the Firstfruits, when the first sheaves of the barley harvest were offered in the temple. The barley ripened earlier than other crops thus it represented the Firstfruits of the harvest. The main harvest of all of the other crops was yet to come in the following months.

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