Hebrews 1229

For our God is a consuming fire.

As our God is Consuming Fire, then what does He consume? In the Lake of Fire into which all unbelievers will be cast, God's Fire does not consume unbelievers to total destruction so that they cease to exist. This is because a resurrected body is an immortal body, which is not affected by physical fire. The only thing that God consumes is their wickedness and unbelief.

It is clear that the Lake of Fire represents both God's physical and spiritual cleansing on the Great White Throne Judgement Day. God's consuming fire will cleanse the earth physically by melting the elements, and spiritually by consuming the dross, scum and filth of wickedness and unbelief from the hearts of the resurrected unbelievers.

The Bible explicitly says that God's refining fire results in His Righteousness.

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