Gods Sovereign Will versus mans Freewill

There is a lot of confusion in universalist circles about whether or not man is created with freewill. Some Universalists strongly but falsely argue that men and angels are not created with freewill.

This problem is easily resolved once we accept the truth of the Bible that God created man in His own image, according to His likeness. (Genesis 1:26) We all know that God has a will, and since God created man in His own image, God created man with a will. A will by definition is free. It is a contradiction in terms to say that man has a will and at the same time deny that it is free. The problem comes when some people think that in order for man's will to be truly free, it must have the same unlimited freedom as God's will. This is ridiculous and nonsensical. God's will is sovereign, and though our will is very limited compared to God's will, man's will is nonetheless free. A limited freedom is still freedom. The truth that God is all-knowing and that He knows in advance what choices we make, does not take away from the freedom of our will to make choices. Simply because a father knows in advance that his child will choose chocolate instead of fruit, does not take away from the child's freedom to choose chocolate, whether the father grants the child's wish to have chocolate or not. The understanding of how man's freewill operates under God's sovereign will is often a hard concept for people to grasp.

Let us re-emphasise that God has created us in His own image, and that He did not create us in the image of a robot or a machine. A robot can be programmed to make choices, but it does not have a will and it cannot have a relationship with God. We are created to have relationship with God. Without freewill, God cannot hold men accountable for their sins, and God's judgements would not have any meaning. Without freewill, repentance does not make sense, and salvation loses its meaning. All of the attributes that God wants us to have like love, forgiveness and mercy become meaningless, without freewill. The Bible says that we shall be partakers of the divine nature and that we shall become children of God in His likeness. This would be impossible if God had not created us with freewill.

Arminianism is wrong not because it believes in man's freewill, but because it exalts and empowers man's limited fallen freewill above God's sovereign will in salvation. Please refer to Chapter 18 'Calvinism, Arminianism and Universalism' for further information on this subject.

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